What Shoes to Wear With Long Black Dress? The Ultimate Guide

The black dress is always an ideal dress to wear in any event. A long black dress is a classic choice to make. 

The black dress allows us to swap multiple transitions in jewelry, cosmetics, and especially in shoes. For example, if you feel that your black dress seems dull, you can add a pop touch by selecting loud colored shoes.

The choice of shoes to wear with a black dress is always the point of concern. 

What shoes to wear with a long black dress? What style of shoes will look classy with a black dress? What colored shoes will go with a black dress? And many more queries.

Luckily, you are on the right platform to get straightforward answers when your question is about shoe choice with a black dress.

what shoes to wear with long black dress
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Doll up

what shoes to wear with long black dress
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If you are willing to throw all your attention on your long black dress, go ahead with black pumps. 

Black shoes with black dress mean all eyes on clothing because shoes will not bring out as noticeable item.

Moreover, you must select black shoes when you are willing to carry a sophisticated look.

The black pump is the most decent choice to attend some professional events.

High heel black pumps will you a classy personality because they will elongate your legs.

One more tip, if your black dress has some lines or straps over it, wear stilettos to reflect a feminine style. While black shoes with pointy toes will reflect the streamlined and chic looks.

Why not select the rounded toe shoes? Pair of the round toe is the open option from club to office. 

Classic pumps are pretty more convenient as compared to the stilettos ones. A perfect choice to attend some cooperating meeting.

Make a Statement

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Wearing a simple black dress means your freedom to wear any shoes with it.

Be confident and pick up the shoes with embellishments on them.

Our recommendation is to select elaborated shoes when you are wearing a simple dress. You can make a statement just by wearing the proper footwear.

When the dress is full of lines or adornments, then footwear can be bold. 

Following the same guidelines, the other possible options for you with a long black dress are:

Prints and Patterns

what shoes to wear with long black dress
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Wear pattern in shoes when the dress is plain Black. Animal print can be the best choice to wear with a simple black dress. For instance, leopard print is always the priority of ladies when they have to select patterns. Along with this, snakeskin and crocodile prints are also there within the options.

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Do you know what the best thing about the patterns or animal prints is? They do justice with bold looks without being too loud or bright. 

Most of these prints have a neutral color scheme that is okay to wear with accessories such as a coat, necklace, or purse.

And wait! How can we not talk about floral shoes when the discussion is about printed shoes?

Maybe you are not the person to add frilly flowers to a black dress. But, trust me, floral prints do well with the long black dress. However, you can select the color combination according to your choice or the event you will attend. Our recommendation is to go ahead with shoes having flowers over the black background.

Dressing Down

Although Black is the alternative word for glamorous, you can still make it casual by the proper shoe choice.

Don’t hesitate to wear the shoe of your style. Even, black chiffon dress is formal, which looks great with sneakers.

Let’s know more shoes in option to carry a casual look:


what shoes to wear with long black dress
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Black dress with sneakers! The perfect combination. 

It can be the most aesthetic contrast reflecting multiple styles.

It’s incredible to know that even the fanciest dress gives funky vibes when paired with classy sneakers. Again, make sure to select a more excellent pair of sneakers because the idea may back clash.


Don’t confuse sneakers with gym sneakers; we never meant that.

Explore the stores and get yourself simple casual sneakers but not the gym ones. Fashion sneakers can be the right choice with a long black dress.

Sandals and Flip Flops

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If you are going to kick back in the summers wearing casual sandals or flip flops can complete your look. Be confident and throw the shoes on; let’s move out of the door.

If you are willing to carry a cute look, colorful plastic flip flops will be the best selection with a long black dress. Moreover, you can also move ahead with the idea of wearing your dress with leather sandals. Adopting a beach to a boardwalk look is easy when you are selecting sandals for it. It is worth mentioning that both of these options are appropriate when you want to carry a casual look. For example, a slip black dress is ideal for wearing with a flip flop.


what shoes to wear with long black dress
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Moving ahead in the list of shoes to wear with a long black dress, the next one is “Flats.” Black dress and flats, excellent combination to reflect a casual look. There is a wide range of options and colors for selecting flats for a black dress. Even you will find multiple pairs that will work with your long black dress.

Neutral Shoes with a Long Black Dress

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Imagine neutral shoes with a long black dress; it’s fantastic. But, that does not mean that we are recommending you to wear nude shoes. It’s a suggestion that goes ahead with a neutral tone such as gray, white, or maybe beige. It’s the simplest thing to pull out together with your dress.

It’s not uncommon if you wear a black dress with black shoes. Similarly, wearing neutral with Black is all your choice. It will not let you down because you are not making the wrong choice.

Along with this, you can wear additional accessories with your dress. Such as carrying a purse or wearing a pendant can be a good option. 

Another way to convert your simple black dress into pop is by wearing a stark white pair of shoes. Doing this is the most straightforward blend of contrast and modern element for your personality. Also, white shoes are the thing that matches almost every colored dress.

Therefore, you don’t need second opinions while wearing white shoes.

Black and White Shoes

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If you think black shoes are the dull option and white is too severe, why not try their combination? The Black and white checkerboard pattern will serve you with a stylish look.

Moreover, you can also go with black soccer-style sneakers with a blend of white strips on the sides.

It’s great to pull out your favorite mid-calf boots with the pattern on them. Even white loafers with big black buckles would look amazing. To add up a funky touch, try wearing pair of wingtip shoes along with the masculine flair getup.

Wear Red Shoes With a Long Black Dress

what shoes to wear with long black dress
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Trying out a long black dress with red shoes is quite classy but daring too. It represents that you are not afraid of fashion and trying new stuff. Even red shoes with black dress throw light to sophistication.

Keep in mind to keep dress elegant and straightforward when you are willing to wear red shoes. But, wearing a metallic or leather bracelet will look stylish with this red and black combo. You could also stand out in the audience with a red belt around your waist.

Wear Boots with a Black Dress

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Is it a good idea to wear boots with a long black dress? Yes, of course, boots look great with black dresses.

When it’s about boots with a black dress, you have a wide range of options. Such as:

  • Ankle boots
  • Knee boots
  • Calf height boots

High then knee boots will not go well with a long black dress, so ditch this idea.

Try wearing black boots with a black dress because monochrome is the new trend. And you can look trendy just by wearing opaque tights with black boots. This combo makes you look less sexy and much more conventional. Even you are free to pull this look off at professional events.

If you want to carry a funkier look with the same combo, go with boots rich in embellishments. Again, animal printed boots will look perfect with a long black dress.

To Wrap It Up

Wearing black is the constant trend, so you can make transitions just by changing footwear. There are hundreds of options when you are willing to get a perfect shoe with your long black dress.

Note that the selection of shoes with dress entirely depends on the event for which you are going.

The long black dress combos vary from event to event. In options, you have sophisticated looks, funkier style along with classy and trendy looks.

I believe that at the end of this guide, you will be aware of multiple options available for you. You can go with any of the mentioned ideas according to your personality and the event. You can easily switch between the options depending on your moods and trends.



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