What Pants to Wear With a Seersucker Jacket?

Summer is around the corner, and though we’ve been on the lookout for warmer months of the year to come, there’s also a disadvantage. This season comes with a lot of stress soaked in sweat. If you put on a shirt to work, you’re bound to sweat. In all these situations, don’t worry, as the fabric seersucker is here to save the day in these warmer months. Seersucker is an extremely lightweight, breathable, puckered cloth that is highly comfortable and aerated. If you don’t know about this fabric, here is an excellent guide to all you need to know about it and what pants to wear with a seersucker jacket.

What is a Seersucker?

When you get the gist about a seersucker jacket or seersucker itself, styling it wouldn’t be an issue. Due to its lightweight and breathable nature, seersucker is commonly worn during hot weather. However, seersucker is associated with bright stripes and is also available in solid prints. It’s a kind of textured fabric that has a hold or delicate striped appearance. Their unique texture is obtained during weaving when warp yarn that runs through the body is interwoven at different parts. Seersucker fabrics are 100% cotton-based, but due to the advancement in weaving technology, these features now consist of synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, or spandex.

No one seems to get the styling right. Some may end up looking like a salesperson from the 1920s, with no knowledge about dresses. Let’s take our research further and look at a brief history of seersucker. Then after that, we can proceed to what pants to wear with a seersucker jacket.

A Brief History of Seersucker 

Initially invented in India, seersucker is a lightweight fabric named seersucker due to the combination of smooth and rough pinstripes. It is naturally puckered, and this creates pockets of spaces that keep the material aerated. Due to this feature, the fabric became more popular in warmer climates. 

At the start of the 20th century, seersucker fabrics were worn across the British colonies and later made their way into America, becoming the best choice for laborers. During summer, the laborer’s work wears includes chor jacket, peaked hats, shirts, and overalls manufactured from a heavy-duty phase of the seersucker fabric. In 1909, the material became more popular globally and was introduced by its American seersucker makers, Haspel. This fabric is the best choice as it’s the ultimate summer jacket fabric widely accepted across the southern American states.

Due to advancements in technology and human knowledge, some brands are developing this fabric with checkered patterns. This feat can be used as a complete suit or jacket, making the material versatile. 

It’s not too late to add a fresh new jacket or two to your wardrobe. And now that it is later in the season, you’re likely to get them at a less low price. So, purchasing one wouldn’t add any stress to your income/budget. As a caution note, though seersucker is informal and relatively inexpensive, its suit is a bit of an aristocratic, upper-class kind of garment. If your workplace is very traditional, this suit could be too casual and inappropriate.

When Can I wear My Seersucker Jacket?

what pants to wear with seersucker jacket

Seersucker is the best fit for a summer jacket that you can wear for many dress codes. It’s an ideal material that can be worn when traveling as its lightweight nature won’t impose any stress on you throughout your journey. Aside from just jackets, seersucker also comes in;

  • Suits
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Hats 
  • Belts
  • Gowns

Let’s have a look at some of these seersucker clothing before checking what you can wear pants on it.

Seersucker Shirts

Seersucker shirts are perfect for outdoor afternoons while sitting at the poolside or trying to commute to work on a busy train. Save yourself from excessive sweats at your back or underarm this summer. You can choose to style your seersucker shirts with pleated trousers and a slim comfy belt. For these stressful and hot days, a casual pair of chinos shirts will do.

Seersucker Suits

Seersucker suits come in a range of colors from Grey to light blues and white. It makes a perfect addition for a summer wedding or that relaxing hot office day.

Seersucker Shorts 

what pants to wear with seersucker jacket

These make a perfect addition to your summer collection. If you wish to wear seersucker head to toe, these shorts are a great way to start. Style your dress with a white or navy shirt to portray a classic look.

Seersucker Pants

These pants are the best for a summer walk, giving comfort against heat and keeping your lower body part fresh and not moist. Amazingly, you can wear these pants to both the office or even a beach party. Style them with a T-shirt for a great summer look.

Seersucker Belts, Caps, and Sunglasses Straps

what pants to wear with seersucker jacket

These are great examples of seersuckers showing dominance even in the accessory world. Using this kind of pattern in an accessory gives the user the chance to add a bit of seersucker into their everyday outfit. Seersucker belts provide a little more style to normal-looking pants, keeping them festive for the whole summer. The seersucker cap is the perfect choice to toss on when attempting to escape the summer heat, still maintaining the style, while the sunglasses straps give a little touch of summer to those sunglasses you wear during this season.

Seersucker jackets

what pants to wear with seersucker jacket

They are coming down to our main focus for today, the seersucker jackets. They’re made in a variety of colors and also have a fantastic lightweight option for those summer days and nights. You can style these jackets with some dress shoes and pants. Let’s have a look at some pants that you can wear with a seersucker jacket.

Pants to wear with seersucker jackets 

Seersucker pants

These pants are the best choice for a business and casual style. You can pair your seersucker jacket with your seersucker pant to look more classy. This Alda creates a classic suit that is fit for outdoor summertime weddings. Just pick up a pair of pants that fits the pattern and color of your jacket, then you’re good to go. After choosing fitting pants, go for an Oxford button-up shirt made in either white or light pastel color. Complete your classic looks with brown dress shoes like double monks and a fitting belt, and add up a solid colored standard butterfly bow tie.

Charleston khaki pants

To get that bright casual look:

  1. Fit your seersucker jacket with a pair of Charleston khakis.
  2. Get that simple look with your seersucker jacket in a beige stripe by pairing it with either milk-colored or classic-colored Charleston khaki pants.
  3. Pair this up with a fully tucked white button shirt and a brightly colored pocket scarf.
  4. Remember, our first choice of brown dress shoes with a matching belt and a classic watch will do fine.

Linen pants

Linen pants are another fit for a seersucker jacket. Due to their lightweight design, pairing them up with a seersucker jacket will be great. If you choose to style your blue-striped seersucker jacket, I suggest picking pants in much lighter shades like cream or light tan. Go for a shirt that’s a little bit lighter than your trousers. To wrap up your look, wear a pair of brown tassel loafers with a brown leather watch. Using a bow tie or pocket scarf is based on preference here as we don’t recommend it.


Pairing up your seersucker jacket with khaki chinos is a lifesaver when you need to keep your style—going forward with a white pair of chinos. This style gives you a casual look, especially when paired with dark brown suede tassel loafers. Take your style to another level with khaki print chinos for an excellent classy look. Here, you can introduce a pair of white leather derby shoes. Lastly, using teal chinos comes in handy when you want to look trendy. Pair this up with navy suede driving shoes to compliment the whole mash-up.

Navy dress pants

Be at your best in style with your seersucker jacket. Consider pairing it this time with navy dress pants. This look is not only classic but gives off that bold look. Pair it up with dark brown suede tassel loafers and give off to your best.

Charcoal Jean pants

You can never go wrong with pairing your seersucker jacket with charcoal Jean pants. It is the best way of introducing a toned-down dapper ness into your off-work styling hub. Pair this up with any low-top sneakers or a white canvas, and you’re good to go.

Wrap up 

The heat attached to summer has always prompted men to loosen up their clothing a bit during this period, and this summer also isn’t left out. In warm weather, men move from heavy- to lightweight clothing to endure the heat. Even in the most traditional suit-shirt-and-tie circles, and under normal conditions, men wear sports jackets more often than suits when the weather is somewhat warm. In addition, the colors they wear also vary. This attitude is genuine in business and social settings. And seersucker is different, but not flauntingly so, so get that perfect match today and beat the heat.



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