What Colors Go with Maroon Pants? All Bottoms Guide

History and Psychology of Maroon Colors

The word “maroon” was derived from the French marron, meaning chestnut. By learning from where it is rooted and sprouted, you can understand its association and what people might think of it when someone it’s wearing it. In turn, you’ll have more confidence wearing it.

From the Wikipedia page, maroon colors and shades have been linked to various organizations and usage. ColorPsychology also stated maroon is often used to represent intense and passionate things like; confidence, creative thoughts, excitement, power, risk, passion, love, ambition, courage, strength, warmth, and beauty.

The color maroon is typically used inside schools, on dining establishments, on automobiles, on clothing, throughout lots of vacations, and house interiors. Maroon is the school color of over 30 instructional institutions in the U.S. Maroon is the primary color of the Hollister Co. logo. It is usually used on clothing to draw attention and reveal sensuality. Maroon is utilized inside of the house to demonstrate sophistication and knowledge.

In 1789, maroon became the English name for “dark red”, though the color has been utilized because of the 1500s. Reliable figures would typically maroon fugitives on an island, so they could not getaway.

The color maroon can increase cravings, increase adrenaline, and raise high blood pressure and heart rate. Utilizing maroon inside the home can cause a state of mind modifications and food cravings. Choosing to use maroon is linked to angriness on a conscious or subconscious level, or it can suggest the person is passionate about what they will be doing that day.

Burgundy Colors Are Often Associated Also With Maroon

Burgundy is typically related to greater class society. Its rich color and red shade are interpreted as representing sophistication. It is viewed as more major than lighter tones of red and does not have a sense of enjoyable, light energy that shades as pink have.

Burgundy can be viewed as a color suggesting power. The combination of its psychological seriousness and sufficient energy gives it a sense of high ambition. For that reason, people trying to show their dominance or wealthy class might use burgundy to show these traits.

For these reasons also, maroon/burgundy goes along with these colors:

  • Amber

This combination really screams “fire” and “desire”, but also luxury, royalty, and wealth association.

what colors go with maroon pants

The effect can be seen straight away on the room decorations:

source: behr.com

Burgundy pants are my other fall/winter wardrobe staple, besides my skinny olive denim. I like maroon trousers because they look excellent, whether denim, corduroy, or more like twill or work-appropriate pants.


Source: fashion lady.in
what colors go with maroon pants
source: suitsexpert.com

I tended to gravitate more towards these than my olive skinnies when having to operate casual clothing. It may have been part that these are more fitted on me and therefore look neater, whereas my skinny olive jeans have more additional material. However, I believe it is more due to the color. Something about this color is easy to transition into workwear, and I think that’s even more true with maroon pants (more reddish) than my purple-ish pants.

  • Patterned

I stated that I was excited to match blush or light pink with my olive skinnies, and I feel the same about these burgundy skinnies. I loved it when I did it years ago, and now that I have this blush tunic, I’m looking forward to doing it again!

source: pinterest.com

It seems the same color pairings as my olive skinnies. Possibly the most significant distinction is trying poppy or coral with maroon. I didn’t do animal print shoes once with these, whereas that was a pattern for me with olive skinnies. I also didn’t use booties once with these and needed to undoubtedly correct that.

what colors go with maroon pants
source: nextluxury.com

Burgundy is the most precise color for what colors go with maroon pants. You can include it into the mix after you’ve covered your basic blue, black, and grey bottoms. It’s a color that men do not naturally gravitate towards, but once they see how I match it into a look, they like it! It’s one of those colors everybody thinks twice on at first sight, but once they try it on, it’s a game-changer.

  • Navy Blue

The beauty of burgundy is you can keep things calm by wearing it with navy blue, grey, white, or black, or be a bit more colorful by pairing it with a light pink, chambray blue, olive green, or dark khaki. Perk: If you want to develop a minimal wardrobe, you can easily toss this color into the mix.

what colors go with maroon pants

what colors go with maroon pants

Any garment you see in a neutral color (i.e., cream henley) can be worn as a different garment (i.e., cream tee-shirt). Your neutral colors are navy, grey, white, cream, and black.

Where it gets slightly trickier is with the pink and blue button-downs. I would recommend just wearing those colors in the form of button-downs with burgundy pants since the collared t-shirt assists create a smart-casual appearance, while a pink t-shirt does not achieve much. Using button-downs in neutral colors is completely fine.

  • Dark Blue

For what colors go with maroon pants? Dark blues look great. Not a complete navy, but not as bright as royal. A lovely typical fall look for me is maroon cords with a blue sweater and grey shoes, and I’ve heard some admirable aspects of it. Darker sandstone colors work much better than you’d believe.

what colors go with maroon pants

You’d desire something neutral. I enjoy how grey chooses red/maroon/burgundy. Depending on whether you wish to dress it up or down. Button-down or Tee shirts in grey or another neutral color.

They are practically as versatile as khaki or olive. Wear maroon with beige, white, grey, light blue, navy, tan/light browns, pink, perhaps black.

For semi-formal functions, try red pants with a matching suit jacket or white shirt and navy or black blazer. Attempt a dark red, such as burgundy, a sophisticated appearance, and a bright red, such as coral, for a fun and summery look.

  • Neutral Colors

If you wish to work it out by yourself, here are some of the colors that compliment burgundy pants: Neutral colors like black, white, navy blue, gray, and ivory are excellent choices. If you wish to get the out-of-the-box appearance, try the purple and red as they fall in the same line of the color wheel.

source: petitedressing.com

what colors go with maroon pants

source: petitedressing.com

what colors go with maroon pants

  • Pink

I like pink with maroon. However, it depends upon the occasion and the gender of the individual using maroon trousers. Black is excellent, and some greys look perfect with maroon. A print or stripe or plaid with the same maroon would work. Or you can utilize an accessory like a tie or scarf with the same maroon and the same color of a solid color t-shirt or top to pull it all together. It primarily depends on where you will be using the outfit and what type of impression you wish to make. You can be conservative with pink or grey or more innovative with prints and maybe mustard. Mustard is hot today.

This is a difficult one because, with maroon pants, you do not want to appear like a server or hotel personnel. Attempt a pale pink shirt in the same shade as the maroon pant but in a lighter tone, or choose a navy pullover (sweatshirt). A grey shirt would likewise look good, and a floral shirt with some matching maroon color in it.

what colors go with maroon pants

what colors go with maroon pants

what colors go with maroon pants

A plain black or white t-shirt is constantly the safest alternative to choose what colors go with maroon pants.

  • Cream

You can wear a khaki, creme, or navy blue t-shirt if you desire to go with various options on what colors go with maroon pants.

what colors go with maroon pants

And if you’re bold adequate and wish to go out of the package, you can try a black shirt with white dots on it. My personal favorite would be a pastel pink shade t-shirt.

Any neutral color is a guaranteed sure thing. You can also attempt various shades of purple, but maroon is such a stand-off and visually different color. I would prevent any other stains as it might take away from the particular maroon color, which must emphasize depending on the attire you got on.



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