How to Style Your Sweaters with Collared Shirts?

How to Style Your Sweaters with Collared Shirts

The combination of sweaters and collared shirts is never dull to light up your look. These two separate fashion items are working pretty well when you wear them together. This combo not only will keep you in style but also keep you warm, especially in chilly seasons.

To maximize the look from this combo, you need to know how to wear and style them properly. Here’s how to style your sweaters with collared shirts for men and women, along with fashion ideas that you can pull off.

Styling Sweaters with Collared Shirts for Men

At first glance, it may seem easy to style men’s fashion, including sweaters with collared shirts. But styling men’s fashion can be tricky, especially for the small details. You shouldn’t ignore things that seem minor and trivial if you don’t want to ruin your look.

Keeping that in mind, let’s explore how to style sweaters with collared shirts for men.

For a formal look, keep it simple and neat

Using sweaters for the formal look is a good idea to vary your look, which you can layer your dress shirt with it. What’s a traditional look anyway? Office attire, business meetings, interviews, blind dates, and every occasion you need to make a good impression.

The most important thing is to keep your look as neat and straightforward as possible on those occasions. Here are some guides for your formal look with this combo:

  • Tuck in your dress shirt and collar
source: pinterest

Because you need to look neat and straightforward, tuck your dress shirt into the pants. Don’t let your dress shirt flap around below your sweater. It will make you look less neat. After all, you want to make a good impression on this formal look.

And don’t forget to tuck the collar into your sweater. But please keep your shirt untucked. The ones that you need to fold in are your dress shirt and collar, not your shirt.

  • Use neutral colors or solid patterns. 
sweaters with collared shirts
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As you wear two fashion items, color is one crucial aspect you need to give special attention to. You can play safe by using neutral colors like white, gray, black, and navy. These colors will make it easier for you to mix and match the sweater with a collared shirt.

You can also use solid patterns, such as striped dress shirts. But always keep in mind that the design matches the color of another item. If one thing has a plan, try to use a plain color for another item. For example, you can wear a blue striped dress shirt underneath a navy sweater. 

  • Choose the right size for both sweaters and shirts.
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Yes, for both items. An oversized shirt will make you feel uncomfortable as you layer it with the sweater. An oversized sweater will look baggy and show the folded fabric, especially in the waist area. So please wear the fit size for both your shirt and shirt.  

Express yourself more for a casual look

Things are more relaxed and accessible in the casual look. You don’t have to tuck in your shirt if you don’t want to. Here are some fashion ideas to pull off the combo in a casual look:

  • Roll up the sleeve
sweaters with collared shirts
source: pinterest

Rolling up the sleeve make your look more relaxed, and of course, casual. This style is suitable for people who move around a lot. And besides that, girls think that a guy’s rolling up his sleeve is excellent and manly.

  • Vary with bright colors and patterns
sweaters with collared shirts
source: GQ

You can try more variety of colors in a casual look, even the bright colors. For example, you can wear a pink striped shirt with an orange v-neck sweater like Harry Styles. Or you can try to pull off the combination of a plaid collared shirt with a gray sweater.

Adding your favorite ties

You can wear the shirt simply without adding a tie, unbutton the first button. But if you’d like, you can add your favorite ties to light up your look. Here are things to note regarding the ties in this combo:

  • Use v-neck sweater forties
source: BlackLapel

If you want to add a tie, use a v-neck sweater over your collared shirt. This type of sweater will point your look, especially the tie. On the opposite, using a crewneck sweater with a tie makes you look like trying too hard. Moreover, you will feel stuffy because there is not much room around your neck.

  • Cardigan and shawl sweater can be the option.
sweaters with collared shirts
source: BlackLapel

If the occasion is less formal, a cardigan or shawl sweater can be a good option. This style can be an alternative for a blazer’s substitute, especially in a casual workplace. Because you have more space around the neck, you can also wear shirts with more vibrant and various patterns. But if you aim for a formal look, you can stay with v-neck sweaters.

Styling Sweaters with Collared Shirts for Women

Let’s admit it. Female has a variety of choices in term of fashion more than male. You can explore more and pull off various types of styles in women’s fashion. Because of this, the rule is not as strict as to how it was in men’s fashion.

With that being said, let’s explore how to style sweaters with collared shirts for women.

Layer well in a formal and casual look

The combination of sweaters and collared shirts is a good choice for layering your clothes. Be it for a formal or casual look. This combo will complete your look. Here are some fashion ideas for this combo informal and relaxed look:

  • No need to tuck in the everyday collar look
sweaters with collared shirts
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Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Unlike the men’s version we talked about above, you don’t need to tuck the collar into your sweater. But still, you need to look neat. You can tuck your shirt into the pants, but it’s not a must.

With this combo, you don’t need to wear a suit for a formal look. For reference, you know the uniform of some Asian high school girls. You can modify it with your dress shirt and plain pants or skirt.

  • Roomy pullover for a casual look

source: youlookfab

Again, different from men’s, you don’t need a tailored fit in this combo. The roomy pullover is more vibing with the current trend, with an untucked shirt, and the cuff of sleeves is showing. You can wear a roomy crewneck or cropped sweater over your shirt. If you feel uncomfortable with a roomy pullover, you can wear an undershirt beneath your shirt.

Vary your style with a sweater vest 

To make your style even better, you can try the sweater vest. Sweater vest has various types, from plain color to vibrant patterns such as plaid and rectangular. You can mix this sweater with different collared shirts, such as:

  • Long sleeve shirt
sweaters with collared shirts
source: whowhatwear

You can make your style straightforward with long sleeve shirt underneath the sweater vest. For example, a broken white long sleeve shirt with a baby blue sweater vest. Tucking in or not, it’s your choice. You can also roll up the sleeve if needed.

  • Short sleeve shirt
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Wearing a short-sleeve shirt with a sweater vest makes you look fresh and more relaxed. You can make a great combo with a blue short sleeve shirt with a sweater vest. The rectangular pattern in the sweater vest makes your look more vibrant.

  • One-piece dress shirt
source: aliexpress

Layering a one-piece dress shirt with a sweater vest will make you look elegant. This way is for you to show that you’re dressing well. You can combine a brown one-piece dress with the sweater vest. This look fits you if you want a well-built image of a graceful lady.

Mix and match with various bottoms

One benefit of this combo is you can match it with various bottoms, from pants to skirts. You won’t get bored from wearing the exact bottom every time. You also won’t run out of ideas to mix and match this combo.

Here are some ideas to mix and match the combo with bottoms:

  • Jeans
sweaters with collared shirts
source: pinterest

Jeans could be awarded as our fashion savior because they can match many styles. Including the combination of sweaters and collared shirts, of course. You can grab your favorite jeans and compare them with this combo. No need for a hoodie jacket. This look will warm you during the chilly season.

  • Trouser
sweaters with collared shirts
source: youlookfab
source: youlookfab

If you aim for a formal look, you can choose trousers as the bottom. A black slim-fit trouser will match well along a white shirt layered with a gray sweater. Or you can go for a brighter color, such as sky-blue and navy, for the top combo. As for the trouser, the navy can make a good choice.

  • Skirt
sweaters with collared shirts
source: pinterest

Not only pants, but you can also match this combo with your favorite skirts. And various dresses, on the note. You can compare the combo with a pencil skirt, maxi skirt, A-line skirt, and many other. But the important thing is you need to make sure that the colors and patterns mix well.

For example, you can try to mix a white ruffle skirt with a white shirt and sweater. This white top and the bottom combination you can apply in many styles. It would be best if you varied the sweater, which can be in any color and pattern.

That’s how to style the combination of sweaters and collared shirts along with various fashion ideas. What’s your favorite style?



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