Short Hair Little Girl Hairstyles Ideas

Long-haired girls are sure pretty, but short-hair ones are no less beautiful. Short hair little girl hairstyles are cute and lovely. Here are some hairstyles that you might want to try for your sweet little girls. 

The Advantages of Having Short Hair

Before we get into the various hairstyles, we need to know the advantages of having short hair. For your lovely girl, of course. Here they are:

Short hair is fresh and straightforward.

This said it all. Short hair gives a simple, fresh look that suits well with the little girls’ aura. Little girls are lively and accessible. So the short hair will provide a unique touch for their overall style without trying too hard. It’s like an effortless beauty concept.

Short hair is way easier to take care of.

It’s good news for all mothers in the world. We all know that little girls can’t take care of their hair yet, and mothers will have to step in. Short hair needs more effortless care than a long one. From washing to styling, you will cut down much of the time.

Short hair won’t get in the way.

Little kids, including girls, are active. Active, on top of that. Short hair will be a perfect company for their activities as it won’t get in their way. You can throw your worries about the hair getting tangled in some places here and there.

Classy yet Comfortable in Chic Bob 

short hair little girl hairstyles

Bob is the basic of short hair, and chic bob is the classy one. This hairstyle gives a stylish, elegant, yet comfortable look for your pretty little girl. Chic bob works the best for little girls with oval faces and straight hair. 

This haircut will be a perfect match for winter. A white dress will flaunt beauty and complete your little girl’s style.

Marvelous Girl in A-Line Short Bob


A-line short bob is a trendy haircut that is always popular among girls. It’s like the basic bob, but with a sharp cut that grows longer towards the front side. This haircut gives a relaxed aura, which emits confidence from your little girl. 

This haircut is suitable for all seasons, but it might shine brighter in autumn and spring. With jeans and a simple white shirt on, your little girl is ready to go.

Get Playful in Easy Pixie


An easy pixie is an answer if you want to try a playful yet adorable look for your baby daughter. This is a fresh short haircut with bangs covering the forehead. Easy pixie can be a suitable hairstyle for girls with round faces and broad foreheads.

If you want to have fun and throw a beach party, this hairstyle is the perfect match. You can dress your pretty girl in a casual outfit as a partner for this haircut. Or just let her playing in the water pool when summer comes by.

Become Bolder in Asymmetric Pixie

short hair little girl hairstyles

Asymmetrical pixie is another form of the pixie cut, which has longer bangs than an easy pixie. This haircut is also called a side-swept pixie. In part, it looks like sweeping a part of face aside. For little girls who have round and oval faces, this hairstyle might be worth trying.

Like easy pixie, asymmetrical pixie is also the perfect style for summer. But this hairstyle gives bolder vibes, even though you match it with some casual attires. If you want to add some accessories, you can grow the bangs longer and put them there.

Gorgeous in Angled Short Bob

short hair little girl hairstyles

Rather than other bob styles, angled short bob has more volume and thickness within. This makes the style shows a beautiful aura. Moreover, if you try to style the hair and make it wavy, it’ll look more elegant and classier.

You could style your little girl in this haircut when she’s going to the party. A fabulous dress and pretty shoes will flaunt her look even more.

Angel Haircut Radiates Purity

short hair little girl hairstyles

Kids are pure, and we know it very well. This angel haircut shows the pristine beauty of an angel that symbolizes your pretty little girl. The mix between bob and pixie in this hairstyle makes your girl look even more adorable. This hairstyle might work the best for little girls with round and square-shaped faces.

Thus, those are the cute and lovely short hairstyles for your little girls. What’s your favorite?


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