Fabulous Short Fade Haircuts for Men

The short fade haircut has been around for a long time, yet you still get an excellent and modern look with it. Many people like this haircut because it’s one of the most stylish haircuts for various occasions. Here are the short fade haircuts that you can try, along with critical notes that you need to know about the haircut.

Fast Quiff

mens short hair fade

You might often see this haircut on many male models, as it depicts fashionable style well. The quiff hairstyle is a mix of undercut and fauxhawk, which is styled from back to front. The essential points to style this haircut are combing your hair to the front and volumizing it well. 

Wavy Hair with Short Fade

mens short hair fade

If you have wavy hair, this style is for you. Wavy hair might be trickier to style than a straight one, but you can get a fabulous look with proper styling and care. Make full advantage of your styling tools, such as hair gel, pomade, and hairdryer. This will help your hair stay volumized on the top and make the faded side boost your look.

The Hard Part

mens short hair fade

For you who want a hairstyle with low maintenance, this one is for you. The top side of your hair is not in a high volume, so you don’t need to style it every time. You can do a split to the side to get a more fabulous look. When you’re going to a momentous occasion, you can shine your hair with a gel or pomade.

French Crop with High Fade


The French crop is suitable for those who like short hair and want to have a softer look. This haircut gives a smooth texture to the hair, especially for the straight one. You don’t need to style your hair up on the top every time. Just comb it regularly. On the other hand, you can also do some styling when you want, and your hair will look great. 

Straight Fringe 

mens short hair fade

If you go for a casual yet classy look, this one might be the best for you. Straight fringe will get you an ideal haircut that is suitable for various occasions. Be it casual meetings with your friends or formal events. You’re ready to go. A bit of bang on the forehead will work the best for you who have a long face.

High and Tight Recon

mens short hair fade

A tall and tight recon haircut is a good choice for those who like athletic looks. This haircut gives you tidy, neat, but not-so-serious vibes. And, of course, this haircut only needs low maintenance. You even don’t need to style it at all. You can wake up and be ready to go out with this haircut.

But well, this haircut maybe not be for everyone. Please consider the shape of your forehead and your face. You might need to shave or trim your hair frequently because the hair needs to be kept as short as possible. 

Important Notes About Short Fade Haircuts 

Aside from how stylish and cool this haircut is, there are some things you need to know. Here they are:

Choose a suitable hairstyle.

This is the first and basic thing to know before trying the short fade haircut. Choose the hairstyle that suits well with your hair. Is your hair straight, wavy, or curly? What is the shape of your face and forehead? Take those things to consider the best-faded hairstyle for you.

It’ll be better if you get the professional’s help to choose a suitable hairstyle or cut your hair. Sure, you can get the short fade haircut by cutting it yourself. But the professionals know better how to make the hairstyle look the best on you.

Trim or shave your faded hair regularly.

Because it’s the hair fade haircut, you need to keep it faded. The fade will be gone if you let the hair on the sides grow without trimming or shaving it regularly. So make sure to cut or shave the faded part regularly, adjusting with how fast your hair grows.

Always get the styling tools available. 

To get your upper hair to stay in its shape, you need to make sure that you always have the styling tools. Be it gel, mousse, cream, combs, hairdryer, etc. The point of a short fade haircut is its coolness, and your hair won’t look fantastic if you don’t style it nicely, especially if you have a high volume of hair on the top.


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