How to Make Facial Hair Grow Slower? 5 Surefire Ways

You are getting late but can’t go out without shaving your facial hair!

Shaving is becoming an essential part of your mornings!

Men keep exploring different ways to make facial hair grow slower. None of us want fast growth of facial hair. Daily, we wish to slow down facial hair growth because shaving or trimming is not a practical solution.

Yes, it’s possible to slow down the overall process of facial hair growth. All you have to do is to follow some specific practices.

Firstly, know that the hair growth in a person is affected by hormonal changes. Secondly, The method you use to remove hair also involves their development. 

Let’s dive into the easy processes to delay hair growth or to make facial hair grow slower.

how to make facial hair grow slower


how to make facial hair grow slower

Tweezing is an effective and as well as an inexpensive way to remove hair. Remember, we can only slow down facial hair growth if our hair removal process is according to this purpose.

Tweezing is somehow different from shaving because it plucks out the hair from the root. While on the other hand, shaving is just the removal of hair strands by using a blade.

If you notice, tweezing is mainly used to shape eyebrows, coming after a long gap.

Similarly, tweezing will give you facial hair after a long time, unlike shaving.

These are the steps to tweeze facial hair properly.

  • Firstly, use a warm washcloth to wipe your face to make your skin soft.
  • Try to isolate hair that you want to pluck out.
  • Pluck one hair at a time.
  • Keep in mind to pull hair in the direction of its growth.

Tweezing can be a time taking but a painless method to remove facial hair. You will notice that hair growth will slow down after tweezing.


how to make facial hair grow slower
epilated patch of beard

Moving ahead, the following process for men to slow down hair growth is epilation.

Using this method properly will eliminate hair strands for almost four weeks. In this way, you will not have to shave or tweeze hair regularly.

There is a wide range of brands offering epilators for men. Epilator is somehow similar to tweezing. But the only difference is that the epilator plucks more than one hair at a time.

As compared to tweezing, epilation is a quick process, but it can be painful for you.

Know that each method of pulling out hair from the root is making the facial hair grow slower.

After epilation, hair will grow thinner and as well as softer and hence unnoticeable strands.

Once you are convinced enough to use the epilator, follow these steps.

  • Hold the epilator with a firm grip in the direction of 90 degrees.
  • Hold your skin tight; it’s crucial.
  • Start moving epilator in the direction of strands growth.
  • Ensure to glide the epilator over the skin without pressing it. Otherwise, it may break hair strands.

Again, the process is painful but can bring you out from discomfort.


how to make facial hair grow slower

Men should try the waxing process if they want to make facial hair grow slower.

Although men’s hair is pretty thick compared to women’s hair strands, still it’s possible to pluck them out using proper wax.

Mentioning that, there are several different types of wax, so choose wisely.

You will find wax in the form of strips, ready to use. At the same time, bean wax is also there in the market, which you will have to melt before usage.

Make sure to buy face wax while you are at wax shopping.

Unlike tweezing and epilation, the waxing process may require a helper.

Before applying the wax on the face, keep in mind to do a patch test. It’s the most effective way to determine if you are allergic to wax or it’s OK for you.

Also, don’t overheat wax and keep it at a comfortable temperature.

The waxing process includes the following steps

  • Wash your hands properly 
  • Exfoliate face and make it dry
  • Hold your skin tightly and start applying wax 
  • Pull the wax strip in the direction of your hair strands
  • Wipe out the wax leftovers from your face.

Face wax is not much pain because it removes multiple hairs at once. But, if you are doing it harshly, it can be uncomfortable and as well as painful. 

Again, it would be best if you did wax correctly. Otherwise, it may give you pimples or rashes.

After the wax, the hair growth process will be slower; even hair pops out after weeks.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Most men want a permanent solution for this problem: they have to set a beard or mustache daily. So they expect slower hair growth after each process.

Unfortunately, the hair mentioned above removal methods doesn’t give us permanent results. However, they are adequate to delay hair growth.

But, the laser process is the only process that gives you comfort for months and even for years.

Laser hair removal is about pulsating beans to damage the follicles and hence hair loss. After this process, the hair popup after six to seven months. Even in most men, hair never grows again at those specific spots. But, in the case of growing back, hair texture will be unnoticeable.

As compared to the other methods, laser hair treatment is expensive. To achieve desired results, you will have to attend two or more trips to your spa. 

Don’t worry; you can bring the device home if you are not willing to attend expensive laser sessions. The at-home laser treatment is not just cost-effective but saves your time. Bringing this home means not spending the first 20 minutes of the day in shaving.

You can apply a laser on the face, such as a mustache, chin, and other areas. Make sure to keep the laser away from the eyes and other sensitive areas.

While using a home laser device, follow our guidance:

  • Wash your face and shave well. Laser is about removing hair roots, not the strands. That’s why shaving is a must.
  • Select the level of treatment from the device.
  • Place the laser on the skin and initiate the procedure.
  • Follow the steps after two weeks until you achieve the expected results.

Again, the hair removal procedure is the only way to slow down the hair growth process in men.

Depilatory Creams

how to make facial hair grow slower

Another possible way to slow down facial hair growth rate is by the use of depilatory creams.

The result of the cream is long-lasting than shaving. Moreover, the cream is inexpensive as compared to epilation and waxing.

The essential components within these creams are sodium, barium, and as well as titanium dioxide. These components in cream damage the protein in the hair and hence initiate the hair fall.

If you are moving ahead with the idea of using depilatory cream, then make sure to start with a patch test.

After the successful patch test, follow these steps.

  • Take out some cream and apply a layer of it over the facial hair. 
  • Let the cream sit on your skin. It may take from 5 to 10 minutes to affect the hair strands.
  • Gently wipe off cream by using a damp cloth. You will notice that unwanted hair will remove in this wiping.
  • Rinse your face and remove cream leftovers.

Notably, the products present in the cream are not harmful to the skin. Even all of these products are there in our regular lotions but less quantity. It means these creams are effective to exfoliate our skin and hence give a moisturizing effect. Such creams are not just for the face, but you can use them to remove any unwanted hair from your body. 

Furthermore, threading your hair also slows down the growth of facial hair in men.

But, the effect of methods varies from person to person. Some people got the desired results even after threading, while some face the same issues after laser sessions.

Here, the question is, why the hair growth rate is different?

The hair growth rate is directly influenced by different factors such as,

  • Genetics

Most people receive strong, rigid, and thick hair in their genes. While on the other hand, some have thin hair. Even the hair texture is also dependent on genetics. Similarly, the hair growth rate is also affected by the genes. In this situation, you must select the hair removal process wisely if you are willing to fetch out permanent results.

  • Sex

You will not deny the fact that Men hair growth rate is much more as compared to women. Therefore, to make facial hair grow slower, men must go ahead with tweezing and wax by ditching regular shave.

  • Age

We notice a huge difference in hair growth rate in different stages of our lives. Hair overgrows in 15 to 30 years. After that, you see a gradual decrease in the rate of hair growth. As people get older, hair growth becomes slower, and it is pretty natural.

  • Hormones

Sometimes, hormonal imbalance or difference in hormones becomes the reason behind hair growth rate.

  • Nutrition

Your hair will grow fast if your diet is healthy and your food intake is right on time. While on the other hand, if your diet is not good and you rely on unhealthy food, you may face lousy hair growth.

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