How to Get Weed Smell Out of Hair?

Weed is now acceptable for medical purposes or recreation in many regions. It has excellent medical applications, and sometimes people consider it to be a good substitute for alcohol. Despite its overgrowing acceptance, some areas still hold opposing views and sometimes see those who smoke it as useless. No matter how and where you use weed, whether, in the privacy of your home or a toilet at a shopping mall, the smell still follows you around.

Weed, also called marijuana, has a strong and unpleasant smell that can make one feel uncomfortable, even for those that use it. Weed smelling hair is an awful part of smoking it. So, how can you get rid of this dreadful smell?

If you need a quick solution to this, go for a no-wash option. This option requires you to sprinkle some baking soda, lemon juice, or dry shampoo over your hair to counter the smell, but if you’ve got time, it’s required you wash your hair. Make use of a baking soda shampoo or vinegar for the washing. These ingredients will get most of the smell out in an instant.

Why does my hair smell like weed?

Whenever you smoke or stay around people that smoke weed, your hair will undoubtedly smell like weed. In addition, if you’ve got long hair, you might notice this more often since long hair tends to retain more smell. Sometimes, you may see some smells of weed for days on your hair. This antic happens due to a shampoo you’ve been using. 

But why do I always perceive the smell of weed whenever I straighten my hair?

how to get weed smell out of hair

This occurrence may be due to the smell of weed that gets stocked on the hair follicle. Straightening your hair without removing the odor lets it stick to the hair, and when heat is applied, this smell then burns deep into your hair. To this effect, you’ll need to get the smell out using either a shampoo or any other products before applying heat. Some methods go for curling your hair. Hemp shampoo has a pretty foul odor, and this might be the reason your hair smells like weed. If you aren’t pleased with the scent, you have the liberty to switch to a completely different one. Ensure this one doesn’t have hemp its constituent, and with this, you’re all set to go.

How to make the smell of weed in the hair disappear without washing?

So girls, if you’re really in haste and want to get rid of that weed odor as fast as you can, then this will do the job for you. The most amazing fact is that the ingredients are pretty handy. No need to go to a store or a faraway supermarket in search of it. Below are some ways you can get rid of the weed smell off the hair without washing.

Use vodka

Try applying vodka directly to your hair. You can do this by taking about a teaspoon amount on your palm and then rub it on your hair. You can add more if you want, but try using a spray bottle filled with vodka for easy use and accuracy. As the hair gets dried up, the foul smell leaves with no trace.

Put your hair down

Leaving your hair in a freestyle mood, i.e., letting it down, will let air penetrate through it and free up your hair follicles. You will slowly free off the smell of the hair. Try letting your hair down for like 40-60mins, after which you can brush and style it your way.

Soak your hair under the sun

Just as the previous methods diffuse the smell, exposing your hair under the Sun for some time will also get the job done. This method is a bit more practical than letting your hair down. With this method, the ultraviolet rays of the Sun get through the spaces of your hair and burn deep, clearing the smell off. In nothing less than 30-40 minutes, the Sun will eliminate the odor.

Apply lemon juice

how to get weed smell out of hair

Lemon juice is composed of acidic compounds that are great at eliminating foul smells. Applying this on your hair will do the job perfectly, but do not apply this daytime but only at night. The acidic constituents of the lemon juice react with the Sun’s rays, which can give you golden-colored hair. To apply the lemon juice, squeeze a tiny amount of this juice onto your hand. Let’s say a tablespoon of juice will do, but if you’re not satisfied with the amount, you can add more and then rub it on the hair thoroughly. When the juice sets in, it’ll eliminate the weed smell and give your hair a fresh sweet scent once more.

Use odor exterminator

When looking to eliminate the smell of weed from the hair, you can use hair perfumes, hair sprays, and other sprays that may eradicate the odor. Aside from killing the scent, it’ll give your hair a fresh, soothing aroma. Listed below are possible exterminators that you can use to clear off weed smell from your hair:

These products work effectively and leave your hair with a fantastic scent. Ensure you spray it thoroughly all over your hair till the hair turns slightly moist. After that, leave the hair as the exterminators will evaporate within 5 – 10 minutes, removing the smell of weed. 

Use of dry shampoo

how to get weed smell out of hair

Mind you. I’m talking about dry shampoo and not hemp shampoo. Dry shampoos are so effective at eliminating odor and also give the hair more volume. It’s got a light fragrance that always leaves your hair with a fresh scent.

Use dryer sheets

This method is ideal if you’re genuinely in haste. Just get 2-3 dryer sheets and rub them thoroughly on the hair. To save more time and greater efficiency, divide the hair into six sections and use the dryer sheets accordingly.

Apply white vinegar

how to get weed smell out of hair

When the weed smell is so strong, you can use white vinegar directly. Apply a teaspoon on your hair or use a spray bottle for application, but ensure you rinse it off immediately after use as this product is somewhat firm. When applying, you may notice a more pungent odor, more substantial than the weed smell, but do not worry as this odor would vanish as soon as the solution dries off. Use this product once every two months.

How to get rid of the weed smell off the hair with washing?

Cannabis has a more pungent odor when compared to cigarettes. To this effect, using regular shampoo may not get the job done. Not to worry, we’ve got more robust solutions that can help. You can use these shampoos on any hair type, whether thin, thick, or braided.

White vinegar shampoo

how to get weed smell out of hair

When the stench is powerful, you can use a white vinegar shampoo. Just mix 1-cup white vinegar with 1-quart water, and apply to the hair. Scrub it thoroughly all through the hair and wash it off. In no time, your hair will have that fresh and clean scent. This shampoo works great on thick or braided strands.

Apple cider vinegar shampoo

how to get weed smell out of hair

Aside from using it to clear off the stinking odor of cannabis, apple cider vinegar also has many health benefits like lowering cholesterol and others. They’re also great at exterminating unwanted odors. Amazingly, you can make this solution in the comfort of your home. Just get the required ingredients like dark beer, distilled water, apple cider vinegar. Mix it in a ratio of 6:32:1 and then use it on the hair like your regular shampoo. Wash the hair thoroughly and notice as the smell would leave in no time. 

Baking soda shampoo

how to get weed smell out of hair

This method is the most uncomplicated technique to get the weed odor out of your hair, but as a caution note, avoid if you’ve got dry hair as this shampoo can irritate the skin. To prepare this, mix 1-tablespoon of baking soda in 1-5 cups of warm water, and then apply to the hair. Keep using on the hair until it touches every strand and leaves for 1-2 minutes, after which you rinse off.

Ways of protecting the hair from having a weed smell

Now that you know the various ways of getting rid of weed smell from the hair, either by washing or not, let’s have a look at some ways you can protect and prevent that weed odor from entering your hair. Remember, “Prevention is better than cure.” 

Burn incense before smoking

This technique is to mask the smell of cannabis. The scent emitted by incense is uniquely strong and counters that of weed. So, try burning at least one before you smoke. It’ll go a long way in clearing off the weed smell.

Use air fresheners or scented candles.

Just like the incense, air fresheners or scented candles can also get the job done. You can light a scented candle or use an air freshener before you smoke to mask out the smell of weed. Doing this will also help prevent the smoke from settling in your room. 

Always keep your windows open when you smoke

When there’s good ventilation, most of the weed smell will escape into the air, leaving the room odorless, thus protecting your hair from the smell of cannabis. You shouldn’t smoke indoors, look for a spacious room and get it all out.

In conclusion 

Woah! That’s pretty much a technique you can use to get that stench out of your hair today. Given above are two options, both washing and non-washing, so choose one and get that smell out today. Most of the ingredients used in making these products are quite handy and less expensive. Then, don’t hesitate for too long. Make that strong shampoo today and get that stinking smell out with no stress.



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