Cute and Dashing Haircuts for Boys With Curly Hair

Getting a cute haircut or a dashing one for your boy with curly hair could be pretty challenging. You surely want to get a cool hairstyle for your boy, but not sure whether it’ll be suitable. They’re still little kids, so it might be hard for them to get a haircut or even take care of their hair.

In this writing, we have cute and dashing haircuts for your boy with curly hair. We’ll also discuss how to take care of your boy’s curly hair.

Choosing The Suitable Haircut

Before getting the haircut, make sure you choose the suitable one for your boy. Adjust the haircut with the shape of your boy’s face, cheeks, and forehead. These three points affect much when getting a new haircut.

Aside from that, you also need to know what your boy wants. Does he want to get short or long hair? Is there a specific haircut that he wants to get? Or is the haircut will match well with his overall style? Taking those things into consideration, you’ll then get a suitable haircut.

Curly Haircuts for Toddler Boy

Here are some cute haircuts for your toddler boy with curly hair:

Twisted hair

haircut for boy with curly hair

 Twisted hair will give the details on the curly hair, and it boosts your toddler’s cuteness. The smaller the twist is, the better, as it’ll help you maintain the shape. You can also massage the hair and spray some wax to get them to stay in place.

Shortened curls


 Shortened is a cute yet straightforward haircut for your little boy. Your toddler surely can adapt to this haircut quickly because it’s not getting in their way. You can do the styling sometimes using mousse to keep the curls stay in their shape.

Curly Haircuts for Elementary Boy

Here are some cute haircuts for your elementary boy with curly hair:

Textured crop


 The best quality about this haircut is you don’t need to do many such things. Just get the styling product to add texture to your boy’s curly hair. Make sure to apply the product well so the hair will come out naturally textured. This hairstyle will work the best for boys who have thick hair.

Curlies on one side

haircut for boy with curly hair

When your boy is starting to get into school, it’s time to escalate things up. You can try to style his curly hair on one side only, like on the top. As for the sides, you can get the faded cut to get more impact for the curlies.

Big afro


This hairstyle indeed has a natural look, and all you do is growing your boy’s hair long. You don’t need a specific product to style it. Just ruffle the hair with your fingers so it’ll look messy yet fabulous. The curly hair will bounce naturally, and you get the hairstyle.

Curly Haircuts for Teenage Boy

Here are some cute haircuts for your teenage boy with curly hair:

Temp fade


This haircut is for your boy who likes an uncomplicated and straightforward thing. You don’t need much. Just let the hair grow and flow in its natural pattern. You may need some moisturizing products to take care of his hair, though.

The long springs

haircut for boy with curly hair

Just like the name, your boy needs long hair to get this haircut. If your teenage boy likes the rocker looks, this one is for him. He needs to apply some styling products to bring down the curls.

Taking Care The Curly Hair

After getting the cute and dashing haircut for your boy’s curly hair, don’t forget to take care of it well. Here are some suggestions that you can do:

Avoid washing the hair too often.

Washing the hair too often will make it too dry and frizzy, so avoid doing so. Tell your boys that they can clean their hair twice to thrice a week. Or, if they really can’t take it anymore, they can wash the hair without using shampoo or conditioner.

Use high hold styling product and diffuser dryer.

High hold styling product will help you bring down the volume, and you can use it after washing the hair. You can also try to use a diffuser dryer to control the curl and distribute the hair evenly. Using a diffuser dryer can help avoid the hair from getting frizzy.


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