Hair Sticking Out of Braids? Here’s the Solution

Braids are one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. Braiding your hair is also a good way to reduce the risk of breakage and helps increase the longevity of your hairstyle. One of the problems that arose with this braided hairstyle is hair sticking out of braids. Find out here how we prevent that from happening. We need to make it proper from the beginning to make a great braid.

So if you have this problem, don’t fret. Let’s untangle them one by one 😉


Get a Good Braider

The person who is braiding your hair should be a professional. They should know how to braid weaves and attach them to your natural hair. Consider visiting a salon to get this type of hairstyle done, or ask a friend or family member who knows how to do it well near your location. Ask for their portfolios or Instagram account if they can verify.

hair sticking out of braids
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Prime Your Hair First

Before starting braiding your hair, make sure that you moisturize your scalp thoroughly, as this will help your hair be more healthy and strong. The best way to moisturize your scalp is using natural oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or grapefruit seed extract.

It’s better to blow dry your hair first. It makes it easier for the braider and keeps your hair tangle-free. If the hair is synthetic, the braids will be heavy. Human hair is the lightest. Get a great braid spray or make your own oil mist.

Do not braid your hair too little unless the braider can make the ‘one pick’ approach by gently pulling from the top and not having to having from the bottom when it comes time to take your hair braids down.

Dampen Your Braid Before Braiding

I would attempt to intertwine the hair a bit damp. The dampened hair with the gel ought to get ahold of the layers that want to pop out of the braid. I damp my hair and ensure I braid tightly. If the layers are actually sticking out after that, I’ll use a little bit of gel and smooth the hairs down. Flat ironing the braids likewise helps a bit. You can do it before intertwining or before placing a band on the ends. It is useful to hold the braid flat iron ends and then place a band to hold the braid.

If you don’t like putting heat on your hair, take rubber bands and put them on the length of the end of the braid. Keep them on overnight. This method is similar to hair extending popular in some African nations. It will essentially correct your hair without the heat.

Put some lite gel, maybe even oil on the hair while braiding. If it still magically appears, try pomade, hair spray, or hair paste to smooth down the fastest pieces. Finally, you can try to do various types of braid if all else fails.

hair sticking out of braids
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Maintain Your Braid Regularly

Only keep your braids in for 4 to 8 weeks. And after three weeks, Start checking the front border to prevent damage and clumping. If my hair itches, I use some diluted witch hazel, indicating allergic to the hair or need out my braids again. And I always listen to what my hair is telling me now rather than stay in the braids since I just got them done, this is important if you don’t want hair sticking out of braids.

And after keeping them in for a month to two months, I take a break for at least 3 weeks before putting another set of braids in once again. You can inform if your hair is too tight if you can see white bulbs.

You can utilize hairpins or spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and comb them into place. Regarding controlling frizz, include 2 drops of hair oil into your hair, working from completions to the roots.

You could attempt spritzing with a little bit of water, adding some gel, and tying a scarf around the braids till it’s dry to put down the flyaways. Hairspray and a scarf may work too.

Utilize a satin scarf, bonnet, silk pillowcase when you are sleeping. You could use gel or some styling cream to assist hair stick together, but if the braid is hanging free, swinging around over your clothes, the newer, much shorter hairs are going to stick and escape out. I have actually found the best method to keep a cool braid is to pin it up or bun it.

Living With the Sticking-Out Hair

Finally, if you cannot be one hundred percent fizz-free because of your type of hair, you might likewise conceal a bobble pin under the braid catching those layered pieces. Another way is to let the layers pop out any place they want. Messy braids are cool and look uncomplicated!

hair sticking out of braids
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I like to tie up my braids in buns to fix hair sticking out of braids. Pull little portions out to make the plaits a little messier than normal once I have it loosely pinned. Tuck in the actual long parts back under to secure them as much as I can.

It just provides the look a rather bohemian, beachy look. In some cases, braids with fly-away layers look charming and unwinded.

If you still want your braids to remain sleek looking. Something that has worked for me: oiling my hair before braiding it, using aloe gel to assist flyaways in laying flat, using smaller-sized pieces in french, dutch, and lace braids, and keeping the braid tight so that the layers can’t slip out.

I braid firmly when my hair perspires, or I use some aloe vera gel. I likewise leave a long tassel. Because my braid is long, I actually like having a longer tassel since it looks well-balanced.

Do not utilize weave glue. You can either spritz with a light holding spray and restrain with a scarf as I do or utilize gel. I choose clear gel; however, many gels dry into flakes. I choose a light spritz of holding spray, and after that, tie-down all the roaming hairs with vanish.

Follow up by restraining either every night or as often as you can to keep neat for the life of braids. Spritzing nightly isn’t required and will leave buildup.

You will improve with time. However, the only thing I can consider is to utilize a warm towel and sort of press down the hair. This is what my braider does after trimming off all the flyaways. I wouldn’t suggest cutting them off as there are many of them, and they appear to start close to your roots.

Utilize a mousse and tie your braids down with a silk/satin scarf overnight. And you ought to be excellent, don’t use mousse every night.

You can try to use hair spray too. However that never actually works for me. You can constantly simply bobby pin the hair to your head or braid them as much as bobby and possibly pin them in the braid. If that does not work, perhaps, you can put a little elastic rubber band in the middle of the bread where the hairs protrude but might not look excellent.


Braiding is cool with the correct treatment and proper start to cure hair sticking out of braids. Make sure your braider is not slacking off when doing your braid, and only ask for recommendations from reputable sources. Spending more time on the foundation of braiding will save you a ton of time later on in maintenance and hair health.




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