Ways of Using Dippity Do Gel to Craft a Stunning Curly Hair

Do you have curly hair? Do you want to keep your hair as it is but don’t know how to keep it healthy yet awesome? Dippity do gel will be the perfect choice for your needs. Finding the right product for your lovely curls will be crucial.

As it may lead you to both conditions, looks beautiful or end up with damage. Having curls, however, can be really challenging. Sometimes it looks sweet, but in certain times, it becomes unruly and difficult to control.

People with curly hair may have assumed two different things. First, they will get a bunch of compliments from those who adore their wavy hair, but on the other hand, they may think that it’s not easy to give the best treatment over it.

So, to give you a perfect hair care routine, we’re not only suggesting you the best hair-treatment product like Dippity, but also we provide you with many tips and tricks on how you style your curls, complete with methods you can easily try. Let’s check all the reviews down below.

Efficient Tips for Curly Hair Treatments

Now having curly hair doesn’t feel like you’re cursed. By looking at the right products, efficient tips, and effective pointers, will help you to find the best version of your curls, like any tips we’re going to explain to you below:

  • Combing Hair from the Bottom Up

This is a simple styling step but brings you a lot of advantages. By detangling hair from the bottom up, it helps you to detangle each knot.

It will give you the easiest way rather than compounding knots from up to the bottom. To detangle efficiently, you need to use a wide-tooth comb and avoid any use of a brush.

  • Get Trimmed Regularly

To avoid split ends, try to get trim regularly. You don’t want to find your hair damaged, do you? Not only does it not even look good, but it also makes your hair look healthy yet bouncy and fresh. Just try to get trim every six to eight weeks for a better condition.

  • Consider the “pineapple trick.”

The Pineapple trick will help you to define curls along the night. However, this trick is like a technique that makes hair gathered at the top point of your head.

Doing this trick will help you protect the curl pattern as you maintain natural volume. It also avoids and prevents excessive bedhead. You can wear it down before sleep by taking the pony out and giving it a fair shake.

  • Use Any “Cocktailing” Product

To define and make curls hydrated, you can consider any cocktailing product. Product cocktailing, however, is a way of mixing two or more products at once. You may need it for those who want to meet their specific styling needs.

You can mix smoothing serum with mousse from Dippity or coconut oil with styling gel provided by Dippity Do product. However, it will hold over your hair without making it dry or crunchy.

Top Styling Techniques for Curls

Before you try one of the styling techniques and buy some products, you need to notice how your hair behaves. Once you find what style suits you, go with your choice.

On the other hand, you need to be confident to try a new style. For your reference, here are styling techniques you can take as an option:

  • Praying Hands

dippity do gel

Praying hands can be called the most basic method in styling. You need to take a little bit of your styling product from Dippity Do to do this option.

Rub it between palms, then smooth them into different sections of the hair. Just do the way you’re praying. Just keep palms together. For maximum results, after you apply the product, gently squeeze your hair.

  • Raking In

Another method anyone can try is a “raking in,” which process includes several steps. First, you need to coat your palms with a Dippity-Do gel product for styling.

Then do a finger comb-over small sections of your hair. To do this, shape your hands like a rake. As you lose curls, end up squeezing yours to make it tighter.

  • The Smooch

The smooch may be similar to praying hands we’ve tried before. To do ‘the smooch’ method, smooth the products to a small section of hair, then follow this step by scrunching the same section shortly after.

Repeat this method on every section. Doing this ‘smooch method’ will make your curls bigger with lesser frizz.


  • Roping

To do this method, you need to divide hair into small sections. Scrunch your styling product, then rub it in between palms. Go to the next step by holding each section of your fist like how you hold a rope.

Then squeeze it from up to the bottom. Just continue to do this way and scrunch it once you’ve finished applying the product.

What is Dippity Do Gel?

We can say the Dippity-Do is like an original curl-setting gel that pioneered a hair revolution. To this day, the makers of this amazing product have made many variants with its effectiveness and function for each.

dippity do gel

One of the most popular names is a new Dippity-do Girls With Curls Gelée. As it’s named and brings the slogan, Curl Shaping Gelee is the original product that we can say is a secret weapon for wavy-haired girls.

It helps anyone who wants to shape, smooth, and separate curls easily by benefiting from natural aloe, vitamin E, and wheat protein.

Those natural ingredients can eliminate frizzy texture, calm kinks for softness, and carry a healthy look over your waves and curls. Using Dippity-do Girls With Curls Gelée, you don’t have to worry about dull, crunchy, or stiffness.

So how’s the way to use this product? You need to apply this once you dry your hair with a towel. Apply it from roots to ends, then scrunch to shape curl. You can also use it for a dry hair condition to give an extra controlled finishing touch.

Other Top Selling Variants of Dippity Do

With Dippity Do, various products have their own benefits and purposes and are packaged into different types such as conditioner, shampoo, deep conditioner treatment, styling cream, and gel. So below, we cover any products offered by Dippity-Do:

  • Curl-defining Cream

The first product besides Dippity-Do gel with Curls Gelee is Curl Defining Cream. Made by leave-in curl contouring cream, it’s the best choice for those who want to have curls always on point.

Textured like a balm, it’s also infused with nourishing coconut oil, silk amino acids, and shea butter. This cream would be a perfect choice that can silken, shape, and enhance curls.

  • Curl-boosting Mousse

This boosting mousse helps embrace and uplift your curl without changing color. It’s packed with a creamy texture with 3 in 1 boosting mousse consisting of several natural ingredients like lush hibiscus and olive oil formula.

  • Curl-enhancing Smoothie

Has an extract of watermelon, this option will be perfect for wash-and-go styling. The 2 in 1 formula helps transform dull and frizzy hair into an amazing look. Consisting of a blend of coconut oil and shea butter, this smoothie will add sheen, maximizing curl length yet avoiding shrinkage.

Things You Have to Know about Dippity Do Gel

Are you curious enough about what Dippity-Do can give? Here are benefits you’ll get once you use this product:

  • Perfect Match to Curls

As we explained before, it can be your perfect choice to make your curly-haired look at its best. This is a perfect product for those who feel like having wavy hair is as sexy as straight hair. So, love your curls by using Dippity-Do!

  • Made From Natural Ingredients

Consisting of natural aloe, vitamin E, and wheat protein, this product’s ability to help you prevent hair from frizzy texture. The products also calm kinks for soft and avoid dull, stiff, or crunchy look over your wave, which hold a natural feel along the day.

  • Real Good for Hair

This cream is definitely working great by helping waves get smoothed, touchable, soft, and non-crunch. It would be an undoubtedly choice for both girls and boy curls!

Frequently-Asked Questions about the Product

Still, If you have anything still unclear, let’s see what people ask about these things!

  • Can You Use It on Dry Hair?

Textured like jelly, this cream will be suitable for both wet and dry hair. This must be a thing that you want to have once you need a refresher after doing sport. As you want to be a loyal customer of this product, you may get any free coupon that can save your money, right?

  • Is This Product Approved?

You don’t need to worry as this product is well-packaged and completely approved. It doesn’t contain silicones, alcohols, parabens, or even mineral oils that damage your hair. So now, there is no reason not to buy it at Walmart.

  • Is It Good for Wavy-hair?

The answer would be totally yes! Natural ingredients help prevent hair from frizzy texture and always make waves on point with a healthy look!

You know that curly hair looks different from another texture, so that it may require extra treatments. To keep your curls always stunning, consider Dippity-Do gel with any favorable benefits once you use it!


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