A Guide About Collar Stays For Shirts Without Slots

Have you ever paid more attention to the detail on the collar? There are several models of collars on men’s shirts that you should know and should start paying attention to. As we all know, shirts are clothes we wear most often in our daily lives. But even though we often wear them, likely, many of us didn’t know all the things related to shirts. Let’s find out about collar stays for shirts without slots in this article.

Fashion is not always synonymous with women. Who said men’s way of dressing was less varied than women’s? Indeed, it cannot be explored too far when viewing the style of men’s clothing. But actually, the details in each outfit can be important for you to stand out more than usual, including when wearing a shirt. Apart from motifs, many variations of shirts are classified as shirt collar models as well.

But first, let’s find out the important things on the shirt. You can see the example image below;

collar stays for shirts without slots
Illustration – The important parts of the shirt

Now, The question is, why do we have to know about it? Is it important for us? The basic important point we need to know is not to impress everyone with what we are wearing, but it is beneficial when you buy a shirt either online or direct to a clothing store in the area around you. The important part of the short is that you should really pay attention to adjust to the shape and size of your body. It will impress people more to see your appearance.

This time we will discuss shirt collars and accessories for men. As we know, clothing and accessories are two inseparable things that have an important role in making one’s appearance look more attractive and elegant for women and a man, as one of the complementary elements of clothing that you can use to support a person’s appearance to be more professional. In general, these accessories do not have to be worn all the time but can also be removed according to the wearer’s needs. 

Types Of Shirt Collars

If earlier we saw the part of men’s shirts, before we discuss the accessories and collar stays without slots, let’s discuss some types of shirt collars usually worn by men, both for formal events and casual events.

  • Forward Point Collar

collar stays for shirts without slots

This shirt collar is commonly found on shirts commonly worn by office men. Meet business relations, become the best man at the wedding of someone close to you, etc., this is suitable to be paired with a formal suit and pants. You can add a tie too.

  • Button-Down Collar

Compared to the forward point collar, the button-down shirt make the wearer seem more relaxed. It can be used with additional ties or not.

  • Spread Collar

The spread collar has a collar that extends towards the shoulders. That’s why this type of collar is called a spread collar. Men who wear this type will look elegant but not too luxurious. Want to wear it to the office? Very well. Just match it with a suit.

  • Tab Collar

collar stays for shirts without slots

A shirt with a tab collar has a forward point-like collar with a longer shape. Several fashion observers think this type of shirt collar is rather difficult to find.

  • Cutaway Collar

collar stays for shirts without slots

The shape of the cutaway collar is wider than the spread collar. The collar of this shirt is considered more classy and modern. Cutaway collared shirts are suitable to combine with suits to business relations meetings to weddings.

  • Club Collar

Club collar was originally the uniform of Eton College in Windsor, England. The school wants to design a uniform that is different from other schools. They then chose this form of club collar. Men who wear club collars seem like dandy men. Generally, this type of shirt collar is used at semi-formal events such as cocktail parties.

  • Pin Collar

collar stays for shirts without slots

This type is one of the most recognizable. The reason is, there is a pin embedded in the collar. The collar of this type of shirt will make anyone who wears it have their own fashion statement.

They are accessories to keep the shirt collar upright and neat;

  • Tie Pin/Clip

collar stays for shirts without slots

If you are an office worker who has to wear a tie, you must use this one tool, namely a tie pin/clip. Which is are the most popular accessories, its main function to keep the tie in place. Without these accessories, your tie could fall into your soup bowl or drinking glass when you look down.

  • Collar Stays

This accessory is usually to make your shirt collar stay upright and neat, as the name implies, and this has many kinds and types sold in the market. You can buy it online or buy it at the tailor. Read more below for collar stays for shirts without slots.

  • Collar Pin/Bar

collar stays for shirts without slots

If the collar stays, keeps the collar of the shirt straight. The collar pin makes you look neater by keeping the ends of the collar parallel and symmetrical. This accessory is less popular and you can replace it with a small button at the end of the shirt collar.

  • Cuff Links

People place this decoration on the cuff of the shirts, especially shirts that have buttonholes on the cuffs, but no buttons are available.

At this moment, we will discuss point number 2, Collar Stays, specifically collar stays without slots;


  • What Is Collar Stays?

Collar stays are small and flat implements inserted into small corresponding pockets on the underside of a dress shirt’s collar.

  • What Is The Collar Stay Function?

Collar Stay is an accessory used by men to make the shirt’s collar more upright/stand up. Collar stay serves to maintain the shirt’s collar to keep it straight, upright and looks neat.

  • So Why Is This Desirable?

Well, put, because having a shirt collar that droops, sags, curls, or sticks out has the effect of just looking sloppy and not properly put together.

  • Our Collar Stays Necessary?

It is when it comes to staying equipped in the fashion landscape. It’s common for well-dressed men to have an arsenal of bespoke accessories such as belts, shoes, pocket squares, and watches in their wardrobe.

  • Can I wear Collar Stays On All Shirts?

No, Collar stays can only be worn/ tucked in the collar of a shirt, which does have a special hole for the collar stay.

First of all, please pay attention to differences in the pictures below before and after using collar stays.

collar stays for shirts without slots
Illustration – the difference using Collar Stays or not.

In shirts that have been worn for a long time or have been worn frequently, the collar is usually difficult to straighten again. To keep the shirt’s shape upright and look neat, you can attach the collar stay to the shirt collar, which is specially designed to be worn together with the collar stay. 

Manufacturers sell collar stays in stores are made of various materials, from plastic to wood and metal. Collar stays are usually used by tucked into the inner app. 

What if our shirts don’t have a place to tuck them? Can the collar stay for a shirt without slots? 

The answer is a “Yes,” in fact. We can do it our self at home. As we know, collars and necklines not only beautify the form of clothing. Not many know that the collar also affect the balance of the figure and can highlight the shape of your face. The presence of a collar on your shirt also gives a more formal impression. 


If you want your collar to stay for a shirt without slots, choose a shirt whose inner layer of the collar uses staples, aka hard fabric. With staples, the shirt’s collar will stay upright even though it has been washed many times. This material will also make the collar maintained neatness.

The best way to get a collared shirt that lasts neatly starts from buying the shirt. Buy a shirt with good plackets that support the collar well so they can stay upright. Spread model shirts have a shape that is more open or wider than other types of collars. 

Ironing is also the best for collar stays for shirts without slots. Ironing a shirt is the easiest way to even out the structure of the collar while eliminating wrinkles. To make the collar tidy quickly, you can spray some anti-wrinkle liquid on the clothes. The tip for ironing the collar is to press it slowly—then iron from the front to the back. Do the same for the back of the collar.

Alternatively, if you want the best shirt collar to stay without slots and don’t want to bother using ironing, you should wear a shirt with small round buttons on the back of the collar. The function of this button is to unite the collar with the shirt so that the collar will remain upright and neat. 

You choose one of the tricks presented in this article. Your collar is guaranteed to stays without slots. Remember, don’t let an untidy collar interfere with your appearance. This concludes our article about collar stays for shirts without slots.


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