Coconut Oil For Bleaching Hair, Can You Use It?

Bleaching is a process to lighten the color of the hair, and women love to use bleach to dye their hair at home as it saves them a hefty amount of money spent on hair salons. But using bleach can create problems with your hair as it is harsh and, if misused, can cause damage to the hair. 

Many people have been telling the secret of using coconut oil before starting the process of bleaching on your hair, and it has been quite helpful in protecting the hair from the bleach.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an oil made from the fruit of coconuts. Asian countries such as India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and many more are using coconut oil for a long time to cook and prepare food. Now, this oil is taking its turn towards the western world.

Coconut oil is also used as a remedy in cosmetics because of its nutritional benefits. This fatty oil of coconut locks the spores of your skin and retains the moisture in your skin and hair. The women in India and Southeast Asia are applying coconut oil on their hair and dry skin patches to make their skin healthy and attractive.

The potent benefits of coconut oil are that they are used as an alternative to hold up against modern-day treatments like bleaching that can dispose of your hair strands from the nutrients and make your scalp dry.

Using Coconut Oil Before Bleaching hair?

You can definitely use coconut oil as a nutritional option against the negative effects of bleaching. The oil can provide the hairs of it nourishing benefits such as hydrating your hair and scalp.

Bleaching can create chemical burns on your scalp and dry your skin, too, but applying coconut oil beforehand can be quite beneficial for your hair and scalp as it can limit the protein loss of your hair, mitigate the hair loss, enhance the color treatment, and protect your skin from the bleach.

Limit Protein Loss On Your Bleached Hair

The main reason for damage from bleach, also known as hydrogen peroxide, is that it strips your hair strands from the essential proteins and acids required for their growth. The deficiency of these essential proteins can make your hair dry, brittle, and prone to breaking.

Whereas applying coconut oil before bleaching protects these essential hair proteins. When coconut oil is used before the blech, it binds to the hair proteins and reduces protein loss from the harsh treatment.

The oil extracted from coconuts is mentioned as the most effective hair oil, preventing protein loss. Some researchers have claimed from their tests that coconut oil is a better option than mineral oil and sunflower oil to reduce protein loss.

Coconut oil is effective because of its composition and low molecular weight, which helps penetrate the hair shaft better than many other hair oils. Coconut oil helps keep your hair softer and healthier by limiting the protein loss gainst the bleaching effect.

We showed other options like Neem and mustard oil to show a better effect in a research study.

Mitigating Hair Loss during the Bleaching process

One of the serious and major issues as a side effect of the bleaching process is that it makes the hair strands dry and brittle. This leads to hair breaking. In some cases, bleach can also damage the hair follicles. The problem can cause the hair to fall out.

It is believed and observed that coconut oil can decrease hair loss by binding to the hair follicles and mitigates further damage to the proteins. To protect your hair from falling out, try to apply coconut oil in a manner that it absorbs into your hair shaft. If this treatment is extended, it can also be beneficial by improving your scalp and mitigate dandruff.

coconut oil bleaching hair

Enhancing Color Treatments On Hair

If you are taking the risk of treating the hair with bleach, you surely want that the color of your hair should be as long as possible. Using coconut oil after and before the bleaching process can make your hair color last longer.

The reason for the enhancement of color by applying coconut oil is that it improves the health of your hair, as in case if your hair is dry and protein deficient, then the color dye will not bind as well as it should.

But when the hair health is in good condition, it will absorb the dye better, and the color will last longer than in the case of not using coconut oil or any other oil.

Natural Coconut Oil Protects The Skin From Dye

The hair dyeing process can be a bit hefty and long. Sometimes even after applying the dye very carefully, it can always get hold of your skin in the process. It looks silly, but major damage can happen to the skin when a harsh bleach or dye is used.

Coconut oil acts as a protective layer or barrier if applied beforehand on your scalp, ear, and hairline. It can prevent the dye or bleach during the process from sticking to your skin and resisting the damage from the bleach or dye.

Is Coconut Oil able to Bleach hair?

The answer to the above-stated question is that coconut oil cannot bleach your hair. It is only a myth. The coconut oil can’t change the color of the hair no matter how long-duration you leave it on, but it can surely benefit your hair in terms of nourishment.

The coconut oil makes the whole bleaching process way much easier and contributes to the lightening of your hair as it makes the hair very healthy and healthy, and nutritious hair absorbs a good amount of bleach.

Which Coconut Oil To Use In The Hair Bleaching Process?

The coconut oil, specifically prepared for cosmetic usage, can be a better option for selecting it in the bleaching process, such as beauty-grade coconut oil. They are made for hair use and are usually refined, which means they have natural fats in the product.

All the coconut oils are not extracted and made in equal proportions. They have reached a certain level of collecting revenue in the market. This is, so some companies are also selling inferior oil products.

So try to eliminate the inferior products available in the market and choose the better from all. You can do it by selecting the beauty grade oil or the natural coconut oil. If you think that you have an inferior coconut oil product, check the ingredient list, and if there are many additives, avoid using it.

Natural coconut oil is very beneficial, and you can identify them by just a look as the top-notch ones are in a solid form. Why is it in a solid form, and do you have to use it as a liquid? Because, as soon as you take that solid coconut oil and warm it up, it will turn into a liquid and even on your palms because of your body temperature?

coconut oil bleaching hair

What is The Right Way to Use Coconut Oil Before Bleaching Hair?

The application of coconut oil before you apply the bleach on your hair is definitely going to improve the effects of bleach. This is in turn, protects your hair from any harm due to bleach.

Keeping your hair oiled before the bleaching process depends on your hair. This is because every person has a different kind of hair. Their health is also in different conditions. Try to ask your stylist when to oil your hair and how long.

Apply coconut oil in a way that it thoroughly covers all of your hair, scalp, and hairline too. To apply it thoroughly, try to divide your hair into different sections considering the length and thickness of your hair. Then apply the oil covering every area of every section one by one.

At last, make sure that you have covered every hair and area. Scrunch your hair and rub it together to cover your scalp too.

So, after putting oil on hair, people generally recommend waiting for an hour or two. This is enough to provide your hair with some protection from the damage due to bleach. At the same time, it takes a time of 12 hours to absorb coconut oil completely.

Now you can proceed towards bleaching your hair by rinsing off the coconut oil from your hair. You can also be continuing with it still applied. In case you do not rinse off the coconut oil from your hair. It gives your hair protection during the bleach to the utmost.

The final thought is to continue the bleaching process. After that, you can keep the coconut oil applied to your hair for better protection and health. This remedy is quite helpful and recommended by many people.


  • Coconut oil is the most natural and beneficial product for protecting your hair and skin. It is also a chemical-free treatment for bleaching your hair. Coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids, which are easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Coconut oil is a rich source of vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin and hair. It also helps in the process of applying hair color. Coconut oil protects the hair and removes dryness.
  • Coconut oil is great for the hair and skin! You can use it as a moisturizer, sunblock, hair mask, or even toothpaste. Coconut oil is used in many beauty and skincare products.



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