Chico Model Haircut: Magali Amadei Hairstyle Inspiration

Our girl of the Day is none other than French model Magali Amadei. When you search about the Chico model haircut or best Chico magazine model, Magali Amadei will be the first girl to appear on your screens.

The Chico model has been working for many years within the modeling industry. She has worked with many other big names in the same industry.

Her magazine photoshoots are the actual reasons for her career hype. We have noticed Magali Amadei appearing on the cover page of major magazines. The magazine’s list includes Marie Claire Germany, Cosmopolitan Mexico, Red, Cosmopolitan Us, Glamour Us, and many others. Know that her appearances are not just restricted to the Magazines. Still, she has also walked in several fashion shows for Louis Feraud, Givenchy, Emanuel Ungaro, and Victorio & Lucchino.

The model is famous because of her signature haircut, and people want to know detail about each of her looks. Even the model and her haircut are still the sensations over social media. The trend is going viral on each social media platform, and girls are chopping their hair to carry a style like their favorite model, Magali Amadei.

Although we have seen several beautiful French models in the past few years and we see many more in the future. But, here we are throwing light on the best looks of Magali Amadei. She had thrown a wide range of styles in the past few years. Each of her looks and style is worth discussing.

For ladies who want to go through each look of Chico model haircut, the blog is going to be helping. We favor placing most of her lovely looks on a single page, so you don’t have to explore different websites. We have done the hard work and picked the best looks of Chico model haircut.

Different Looks of Chico Model Magali Amadei


chico model haircut

The classic bob haircut of Magali Amadei is still in trend. This shaggy, 70’s bob look of the model is reflecting edgy women. Along with that, the short side cuts aid more in this flawless haircut. Even the selection of dresses with this short haircut completes the overall look. The look can be the best option when you have jet black and straight hair.



Maybe the red lipstick of the model is grabbing all your attention, but her face cut complements the features so well. Also, the choppy layers blended with inky black hair color are not easy to ignore. The high collar simple shirt is adding more to her impressive personality. 


chico model haircut

Moving ahead within the Chico model haircut, the next one under the limelight is Barbie’s classic chop. This look of Magali delivers the idea that Barbie’s chop is the best selection for fine and thick hair. To add a sophisticated touch to her personality, she pined up some sections of hair. Clipping some section bring more focus to her facial features.


Magali Amadei just rocked in her buzz cut. Growing out, the hair strands serve her with a farrow-sequel look. Isn’t it amazing? The pose, the selection of dress, no extra accessories, and expressive eyes, a complete effortlessly chic style. The beach look of the model is inspiring for those who want to add style to their enjoyment.



The magazine lady is throwing style by adopting a classic lob, asymmetrical and angular-shaped haircut. Her different looks give the statement that the model loves to play with different looks. And we are wondering that how she looks pretty in all of her looks. This specific look is still in hot stuff when it’s about red carpet looks.


chico model haircut

There is nothing wrong if we say that Magali is rocking in her edgy-cropped look. The complete look of the model reflects the point that she knows very well how to stand out by her unique looks. Throwing focus at the mid bun without even shaving the side is the best thing to notice in this iconic look. The look is reflecting the tradition or culture of Japan, as you can see in the picture.


chico model haircut

The picture itself complementing the overall style of Magali. The slicked back with a combination of bang is her best cover photo. The zero makeup and simple shirt are the reasons that the hairstyle is quite prominent in this picture. The old filmy looks are still in demand, along with the haircut idea. Magalia was the one to start this style with short hair. Her photoshoot for Glamour was the turning point for the overall fashion industry.



Magali is at the top of styles when it’s about playing with your hairstyles. This iconic look of the model says that short hair is still trending in best haircuts. At the first glace, the look gives you a bold, stylish, and proud reflection. Saying too much in a single picture can only be done by Magali.


chico model haircut

Magali’s overall look of light accessories, side pose, and of course, a pixie cut is complete. This specific cover shoot of the model is pointing that 90’s fashion is never going to end, and it’s still fresh to carry. You will not deny that the beaded necklace is still in demand when it’s about wearing gowns or long skirts. Even actresses still carry this look at award shows. We must say Mikimoto made the best choice to select Magali Amadei as their cover page model.


chico model haircut

The rough short hairstyle is looking perfect for this avatar of Magali. Within this shoot, the use of neck and hand accessories along with the dusty-colored jacket looks amazing. Focusing on the overall look, it’s the best combination of edgy, fresh, and even sophisticated personalities. The color contrast aid more in the dimensions of this photoshoot. Again, her signature look of lifting the eyebrow and carrying a beautiful smile is the key to her perfect cover photo shoots.



The glorious curls with layers and hair color are adding too much life to the bob look of Magali. Don’t the model look amazing in textured cut side puff style? I hope it can be the decision-making look when you are craving to change your hairstyle. Maybe the picture is not from any official shoot, but she still managed to look flawless. You can’t deny that her smile is the best replacement for any jewelry or heavy makeup.



This yellow dress front cover page shoot was for cosmopolitan USA magazine. Just like all of her looks, she is looking beautiful effortlessly. 

Let us bow down to these slight curls bob cut that manages to stay vocal in this overall look. Moreover, the heart-shaped dress, arch of one eyebrow, and attitude on the face are voluminous on top. Above all, the selection of the dress is the actual reason for glamour on the cover.


chico model haircut

Within this look, Magali’s look is reflecting the latest fashion. The style she is carrying shows that short top fashions are still fresh. Again, the zero makeup look of the model combined with a short skirt and cropped top is simply amazing. 

Additionally, there is still a wide range of looks Magali carried in her career. She is still rocking like the best magazine model, so we are looking for her looks in the future. 

Most people love to copy the looks of Magali because of the perfection level. The haircut of the model is the trend no matter what the event or weather. There is nothing wrong with saying that Magali is an inspiration when you want to play with different styles and looks.

To Wrap It Up

Magali Amadei is a famous Chico model who ditches the stereotype “long beautiful hair.” Chopping her hair and still getting the lead in the fashion industry was proof that self-confidence is the real beauty. Diving into the photoshoots or cover shoots of Magali will make you realize that there is a massive collection of her work. The Chico model is known because of her haircut. That is the reason that people are curious to know more about her looks. Pick any of her photos, and she is just slaying in that. Being the best magazine model, she is doing great as the inspiration for females.


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