Where’s to Get Casey Neistat’s Leather Jacket? Here’s How

Casey Neistat is an American YouTube personality. He became well-known for his autobiographical style of filmmaking, distinctive New York accent, and comical personality. Casey also has a website where he shows videos about the different things that he does.

Casey Neistat has twelve million subscribers, making him one of the most known YouTube stars on the planet. With that number of followers, they want to know every detail of their idol, including styles.

In his numerous videos, Casey is wearing a distinctive leather jacket. It seems custom-made, and Casey posted a video talking about making his own leather jacket. But in case you are still wondering, you can read the breakdown details on Casey Neistat’s leather jacket in this post.

It Is Tailored in New York

Originally he was looking for a replacement for the old jacket he bought from a store on Broadway. He really liked the jacket and decided to custom-made it in a shop called Jean Shop NYC, now the shop is fully online, but at the time of the commission, it was located at 37 Crosby St, New York, NY.

casey neistat leather jacket

The shop was established in 2003 by Eric Goldstein, Gene Montesano, and Barry Perlman with the mission to design and manufacture classic, relevant, quality denim using the best components available and the highest quality construction details in the industry. In fact, Casey mentioned Eric several times in the video, and the owner can be seen there.

The Crosby Street area in New York has been thriving for many years. It is also home to a multitude of record label’s offices. These offices, however, are being threatened by the subway renovation project and subsequent skyward expansion. The office owners are concerned about how they will be received when 20-story skyscrapers overtake their old buildings.

You Can Buy it For Around $3000

The shop has numerous high-profile clients like Cristiano Ronaldo, Channing Tatum, Calvin Harris, Eli Manning, Jay Z, Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux, Kid Cudi, LeBron James, and many more. We’re sure it’s super high-quality stuff sold there. We estimate it’s priced around $3000.

casey neistat leather jacket
one of the leather jacket made by Jean Shop NYC

On a side story, Casey talks in this video about his love for jeans and shares a story of how he asked the paramedics not to cut his jeans when he was in a motorcycle accident. The ambulance had to cut it up, but the owner of Jean Shop sent Casey a new pair and met with him about creating custom leather jackets.

It Is One Of a Kind

Like the other specialty-made goods, you can’t find Casey Neistat’s leather jacket anywhere else. Surely you can create a knock-off version of it like you can try your luck here, or maybe buy a Levi’s trucker jacket.

casey neistat leather jacket

You can get Casey-ish looks for around $300, significantly cheaper than the real thing, but still got the persona. The leather jackets were in a style that was popular in the ’70s. They had updated them to appeal to a modern customer. The jacket has an older feel because of the style. Also, it’s made with quality materials and is priced reasonably well for what you get.

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