Best Haircut For Men With Thinning Hair

We all want to have the perfect haircut for men with thinning hair. It isn’t easy to find a proper haircut to cover your scalp and make your hair look thicker. Instead of spending too much time looking for the perfect hairstyle, you can use this article as a starting point and see how it goes.

This article will show you the best haircuts for men with thinning hair. You will find out which haircut gives your scalp more coverage, the benefits of getting a shorter haircut, what hairstyles are not ideal if you are balding, etc.

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What Hairstyle Most Suitable for You?

We have compiled this list of haircuts based on their ability to conceal baldness or thinning hair at the top of your head for those who want to cover up their bald spot fully or prefer the short buzz.


best haircut for men with thinning hair

Buzzcut with Slight Sleekback

best haircut for men with thinning hair

Buzzcut with Uneven Skin Fade

Early Bruce Willis Buzzcut

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Buzzcuts are one of the best haircuts for men with thinning hair. Buzzcuts make your head look shaved and can be kept in a short, medium, or long length.

Buzzcuts are not just for men; they can suit any gender and work on all hair types. The buzzcut is easy to maintain and will do any lifestyle. Buzzcuts come in different lengths, but it’s essential to remember that the shorter the buzzcut you get, the more your scalp will be visible.

Partial Fade

Men with thinning hair often have a hard time finding a hairstyle that will work for them. A great option is the partial fade haircut. It is a hairstyle that cuts off the top and sides of the head, but leaves a longer length on top. The longer hair on top will easily cover over any bald spots or patches in the scalp.

Clean / Thin Shaved

best haircut for men with thinning hair
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In general, men with thinning hair should choose a short haircut. It will make the hair look fuller. Clean shaved is a very common haircut for men. It helps to keep the hair in its natural state, which prevents it from becoming too thin. It also looks good on most men because it doesn’t require styling or combing, making balding more noticeable.

best haircut for men with thinning hair
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When you consider this haircut, it’s essential to make sure that you need to consider the facial expressions. If you are not happy with specific facial features, this hairstyle might not be the best option for you.

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This is not always the case for every person, but in general, the shorter your hair is, the fuller it will look. In other words, if you have a hairstyle that is long and layered on top of one another, your thinning hair will be less noticeable.

best haircut for men with thinning hair
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Comb Over

People are often underestimating comb-overs when it comes to the best haircut for men with thinning hair. A comb-over can be just what you need to cover up your balding pattern. Comb-overs are usually worn on the sides and back of the head, although you can wear them anywhere on the crown. This hairstyle is appropriate for men with thinning hair because it will help you disguise your pattern better than other hairstyles, such as a comb-over with long locks of hair sticking out at all angles. It also helps to blend in with shorter faces and thin temples.

The comb-over is a type of hairstyle that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Lately, it has been making a comeback and revival. It looks like somebody just “combed” their hair over to one side of their head. This haircut is beneficial as it can cover up many balding patches and bald spots on top of your head.

Caesar Cut

best haircut for men with thinning hair
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The Caesar cut, or short back and sides, is a haircut given to balding men to help conceal their thinning hair. It is also cut close to the scalp, almost down to the scalp. The cut is appropriate for balding men. The Caesar cut involves cutting hair close enough to the scalp to cover up bald patches or thinning hair.

Older men with thinning hair often use the Caesar cut because it doesn’t require too much styling and looks tidy in most social situations. It is usually seen on men with short to medium length hair but can be given to people with long hair if the length of the hair is terrible at the top. 

The Caesar cut is named after Julius Caesar, who would have his soldiers wear their hair to use their helmets easier. 

Messy Haircut

Hairstylists are advising men with thinning hair to go for messy hair cuts for a more masculine appearance. People perceiving messy haircuts as being less feminine, so they are often chosen by men who want to cover up their thinning hair.

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best haircut for men with thinning hair
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Men with thinning hair can wear many different types of messy haircuts, but the most popular ones include the undercut, the short taper fade, the high taper fade, and the disconnected haircut. All these hairstyles have one thing in common – they look messy on purpose.

Greased Backsweep

Greased Back Sweep is a classic haircut that’s great for people with thinning hair. Hairstylists often use it to minimize the appearance of the bald spot. The style is achieved by brushing the hair back and then sweeping it up into a man bun or ponytail. This charming hairstyle is perfect for men who want to keep their hair short but don’t want to go completely bald. It’s also great for men who wish to express their masculinity while keeping their hair on the shorter side.

best haircut for men with thinning hair

First, you’re going to start with a wet hair wash. Apply your favorite moisturizing conditioner and gently shampoo your hair. You can also mix in a small amount of styling product to make the hair more manageable while it’s drying. After shampooing and conditioning, apply a small amount of natural oil to your hands and spread it evenly throughout your hair.

Top Variation

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The top variation hairstyle for men with thinning hair is short and neatly trimmed. This haircut is one of the best as it makes the hair look fuller and thicker than it really is. It also helps to give a neat appearance.

best haircut for men with thinning hair

It also requires minimal styling and will not be flattered by any messy bedhead style. Two haircuts that look good with the top variation hairstyle for men with thinning hair are the side-parted short and side-swept long. However, you can also opt for one of many other styles such as the undercuts and the quiff with spikes.
The main thing is to keep your hair neat and tidy and don’t use any styling products like wax or gel. Just make sure to keep it free from oil and dirt.


best haircut for men with thinning hair
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best haircut for men with thinning hair
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The quiff haircut is a popular hairstyle for men characterized by a sort of “pomp” on the front of the head. It usually involves combing the hair forward, holding it in place with some product, or styling it to stay in business.


The quiff haircut provides an attractive and stylish alternative to other styles that may be more difficult to style or maintain. You can style the quiff in a variety of ways and adapted for different hair types and lengths.

The quiff is a versatile and elegant hairstyle that can work well with many hair types and face shapes. When done right, it will make you look much younger.

Celebrities such as Elvis Presley, James Dean, David Bowie, Prince Harry, and Brad Pitt have popularized the styles.

Adding a Bit of Accent

The right haircut can also make a man look well-groomed and more put together, which will boost his self-confidence. Instead of hiding or covering up your balding head, try to add a bit of color accent to your style: a well-groomed beard or goatee will do wonders for any man’s appearance.

best haircut for men with thinning hair

Try to keep your hair at a length that allows you to style it, whether to cut it short or just past the ears. Cut the front of your hair higher than the back, so there is more volume. Keep your sideburns trimmed, so they don’t connect to the rest of your beard. Grow out a full beard with a mustache, so you don’t have an outline of your face showing. Get a well-groomed short haircut, with longer hair on top for volume and subtly longer on the sides to blend with your beard.

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  • How do you prevent more thinning?

To avoid breakage, try not to use a brush with your remaining hair – combs are the way to go. Tight hats may be intricate for you now that you have less hair, so try tying them back or covering them.

When you go vegan or vegetarian, it’s essential to make sure you are eating enough protein. It’s also important to not lose too much iron by eating iron-rich foods like liver, eggs, and vegetables.

  • What accessories can you recommend for thinning hair care?

Hair clippers. Hairstylists mainly recommend it for people with thinning hair to make the most of what they have left.

A hair clipper is a small handheld tool made up of a razor and a comb on one side, and a blade on the other side. The razor and comb cut the hair while the edge trims it. Hair clippers come in different shapes and sizes, so there will be one that works best for you! For instance, there are long-hair.

You can get trimmed and groom once in a while to keep your looks tidy and respectable. 

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