Basket Weave Braid for Black Hair

Basket weave design uses four or more hair strands and weaves them in a pattern similar to a basket. Mostly, the basket pattern hairstyle is combined with braids to give volume to hair. It’s a unique twist that is parted in a zig-zag or side part straight-line manner. However, parting away is not the essential part while making a basket weave braid. This braided hairstyle can have a lot of variations depending on your creativity and imagination.

We are mentioning the term “hair weaving” repeatedly; do you know about it? Before jumping to basket weaving and its related information, let’s have a quick discussion about hair weaving.

What is Hair Weaving?

Typically, the hair weaving term is used to give volume to hair in a non-surgical way. Specifically, weaving has its types, such as pasting, fusion, bonding, along netting. But, our concern here is not to discuss weaving, but we are here with a guide for basket weave braid for black hair. 

Let me clarify this; we are not mentioning the weaving extension; it’s the famous hairstyle in Nigeria.

What is a Basket Weave Braid?

No matter what was the originating location of basket braid, it’s the upcoming trend worldwide. The overall idea of a basket weave braid is to divide hair into small rectangular or square-shaped segments while following the braid away from the hair roots. Weaving the extensions or natural hair is entirely your choice. 

Once all of your hair is braided, weaving the basket becomes a simple task. Following the basket hairstyle with a braid promote simple maintenance. Make sure to wrap braids properly; otherwise, they can give you a tough time while weaving a basket on your head. Keep the braids tight, so you will have to weave the basket rather than managing the hair strands.

How to Style Basket Weave Braid for Black Hair?

Luckily, there is endless versatility within the basket braids. You can give length, volume, and even width to your hair. Even adding colors is also possible if you are going ahead with extensions. 

A weaving basket on your head means playing with hairstyles. You can make them flow around your shoulders, managed neatly around your face, and even pulled back in the form of updo. Highlighting the crown overhead is the latest trend to follow by basket weave braid for black hair.

Different Styles of Basket Weave Braid for Black Hair

Basket pattern with high bun

basket weave braid for black hair

The high bun is the centerpiece of this braided hairstyle.  All you have to do is to tie all of the braid locks high onto the scalp.  Before that, keep following the basket pattern that is more prominent from the back. People may combine this high bun with box-shaped braids by slight shaving.

Edgy braids


What makes this hairstyle unique is the dramatic sides along with the below braids. It let you play with style in such a way to backdrop most of the edges and let them give you a stand-out personality. Allow some front edges to flow down, again for a unique look. 

Also, you can give some variations to this specific hairstyle depending on your creativity. There is no restriction of age to carry this basket weave braid for black hair. So, get your appointments now and bring all attention to your hair.

Half up, half down

basket weave braid for black hair

If you think updos are just dedicated to straight hair, let me prove you wrong. The braided hair weaved into the basket pattern looks amazing when flowing down from the shoulders. Half up and half down is about carrying the basket segments at some specific part and opening the remaining braids. Wearing highlights, beads, or hair cuffs can be the perfect accessories with this basket weave braid for black hair.

Old school, the 90s


The overall combination of braids with jet black hair is a fantastic throwback to the 90s. The hairstyle looks so fun, classy, and even expressive.

Interactive basket braid

basket weave braid for black hair

Braids are pretty architectural as compared to loose hair. While making basket braids, we can pull some structures and textures that are not possible in other hairstyles. The braids in a basket pattern give the 3D texture.

Low braided ponytail with side basket

basket weave braid for black hair

A low braided ponytail with a side basket pattern opens up new paths for you to stand out in the audience. You can weave the copper hair or use the natural hair for a basket pattern for this hairstyle. Along with that, they make a ponytail of the ends of braids. In this way, you can carry a sophisticated and stylish look at the same time.  The hairstyle is more than enough to keep all hair locks to the face and flush the braid against the scalp.

Things You Need to Make a Basket Weave Braid for Black Hair

It’s not possible to follow all of the basket segments without using the proper tools or accessories. Therefore, we are mentioning the items to use while making a basket weave braid for black hair.

  • Elastic bands, both in small and big size
  • Bobby pins
  • Gel or hair spray, any brand which you prefer
  • Brush
  • Flat or curling iron
  • The plastic needle having dental floss, so it will be easy to weave
  • Sectioning clips for equal segments
  • Spray bottle

The list of things will be the same no matter which of the above basket weave type you are going to make. Just keep the things handy, so you will not mix up the hair strands or segments.

How to Make Basket Weave Braid for Black Hair?

Note that this is the primary method of making basket weave braid. You can apply different variations into the same process to make the types, as mentioned earlier.

Let’s look at a step-by-step guide to make a basket weave braid for black hair.

  • Firstly, make sections of your hair. for instance, Sectioning 1 inch of hair along the forehead will be the first section.
  • Make the hair wet and apply the setting gel. 
  • Keep the rest of the sections separated to a side so they will not mix up.
  • Flatten the section along the forehead and start making the braids. Make sure to keep the braid direction from scalp to onward. Using plastic needles will be an excellent option to make equal-sized braids.
  • Make sure to create a basket pattern while you are making braids.
  • Continue the process until you reach the bottom while making the braids.

The process will be the same if you add synthetic extensions for weaving a basket over the head.

Furthermore, people need to know some more points related to basket weave braid for black hair. Let’s have a look at the queries.

FAQs Related to Basket Weave Braid for Black Hair.

  • Do basket braids damage hair?

No, basket braids do not damage hair because they are entirely knotless. Also, it’s a non-surgical way for hair to give them a style and volume. Notice the process; there is no excessive use of heat, proving that braids do not damage the hair.

  • How to stop itching after basket weave braid?

Although there is mild itching after making basket braid, we still need to treat this. Using aloe Vera along with tree oil can be the best way to cope with itching. Know that not treating the itching may give you some allergy to synthetic hair in a braid. If you already have the braids on your scalp that mix some apple cider vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Try to keep your scalp dry so it will not give you any irritation or itching.

  • How to manage braids while sleeping?

Having basket braids and not ruining them while sleeping is a crucial point to know. Make sure to cover your head with a bandanna or scarf. Silk fabric will be the best fabric to cover hair with a bandanna. In case of having longer braids, tie the ends or make a bun out of them. Ponytail is another good option to manage long braids without ruining them. So a good scarf or ponytail will protect your hair in case of switching positions. 

To Wrap It Up

Weaving hairstyles are increasing their types day by day with slight variations. Basket weave braid is the most demanding weaving style. The hairstyle not just serves you with a significant hair volume but also gives you a stylish personality. Moreover, you can weave a basket on your hair using synthetic hair and mixing up with your natural hair.


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