All About Honey Brown Hair Color

Hair dye is a trendy thing in beauty culture because it offers women the chance to experiment with something new and different without having to worry about long-term consequences, including this ever-demanding color trend of honey brown hair color, rocketed by celebrity trends.

Selena Gomez with Honey Brown Hair Color

Honey brown hair has a subtle yellow tint rather than orange or red undertones. If an orange-red shade isn’t for you, honey brown is a great alternative. It is a blend of dark and warm blonde with light brown. This rich blonde hair color gets its name by having a similar hue as real honey made by honey bees. Honey blonde is a great hair color because it compliments nearly every skin tone. Also, the best thing about this shade is, it doesn’t require any brightening agents that can damage your locks.

Natalie Portman with Honey Brown Hair Color

The light acidity of the dye helps seal the cuticle layer of our strands, which means less damage to our locks.

Darker honey brown shades are excellent for more dramatic looks, while subtle hints of honey brown help to highlight your hairlines. Honey brown hair color is the perfect balance of light and dark shades. You can add some bayalage by highlighting with lighter colors.

Ashley Greene with Honey Brown Hair Color

What Color is Honey Brown Hair?

Honey brown hair is a shade of chestnut brown, which falls between a medium and dark brown hair color. It is also a natural shade of brown with golden blonde highlights. Honey brown hair color offers an iridescent tone to a person’s natural hair color that is perfect for brightening up darker shades and enhancing the lighter tones of their hair while still maintaining the natural depth and dimension.

What is the Best Honey Brown Hair Dye?

There are so many different variations of honey brown hair color, and it can also depend on what you’re going for. The best way to find the perfect color honey brown hair dye for you is by looking into our photo galleries before going into your local salon and asking questions.

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honey brown hair color
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honey brown hair color
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Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas

Unsure which variation of the fad you wish to attempt? Have a look at a couple of honey brownish hair color ideas listed below!

  • Light Honey Brown Hair

honey brown hair color

For anybody that loves light redhead manes as well as ubiquitous color, you’ll want to give light honey brownish hair a try. Considering that this alternative includes a single shade, you can conveniently DIY the considered house.

  • Brown Hair With Honey Highlights

If you’re everything about a dimensional ‘do, you’ll like coloring your brownish hair with honey highlights. Probably one of the most classic take-ups on the trend, this color alternative provides plenty of movement. To take points up a notch, ask your colorist to include some cozy reddish-brown highlights into the mix too.

  • Medium Honey Brown Hair

Love the concept of a solid honey brown hair color but do not intend to go also light? A medium honey brown color might be simply what you’re searching for.

  • Dark Brown Hair With Honey Highlights

honey brown hair color
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If you’re beginning with a dark brown base yet want to lighten things up simply a little bit, look no further than honey highlights on dark brown hair. Not just is this color option packed with measurement, but it’s likewise a great means for those with dark brownish hair to try the fad with marginal damage.

  • Dark Honey Brown Hair

Even if honey brownish hair has gold undertones does not indicate you have to opt for light hairs. Fairly the contrary! If you prefer dark brown hair, upgrade your tresses with a dark honey brown hair color.

  • Honey Brown Ombre Hair

Are you a low-maintenance girl? If so, honey brown ombr̩ hair is the alternative for you. Since this take on the brown hair with honey highlights trend attributes brunette origins that transition to honey blonde ends with a slope result, you will not need to fret about a harsh line of demarcation as your origins expand outРaka, you can wait on longer between touch-ups. Yes, please!

  • Honey Brown with Pony Highlights


Brown hair colors with highlights such as honey brown, chestnut, and mahogany are perfect for people who want a natural look that still is vibrant. Honey-colored highlights are subtle enough to add just a hint of depth while not overwhelming the original color. These colors offer a beautiful hue that goes through different ranges depending on how they are blended. This can highlight specific strands or be used as an overall tone throughout the head of hair. Honey brown hair color is becoming more popular as it offers the depth and richness needed for summertime looks without being too overcast or intense in tone.

  • Dark Brown Caramel Hair

honey brown hair color

Dark caramel hair color is a trendy dark brown hair color that is not too light and not too heavy.
A dark caramel-colored tone will look best on someone who has an olive to dark complexion, but it can work for anyone with the right shade. It’s a natural replacement for those who want to dye their hair darker without having to settle on black. Dark caramel-colored hair is perfect as it provides a dimension of lighter tones in your overall color while also providing rich depth and dimension due to darker shades.

  • Pixie Hair Variation


A pixie cut is a short, cropped haircut. The natural shade of honey brown is a wonderful choice for those looking to lighten up their darker locks.

  • Bun Hair Variation

honey brown hair color

Bun hair is a hairstyle that originated in China. Bun hair is most commonly associated with the “chignon” hairstyle. You will add a refreshing accent with honey brown colored highlights.

  • Glossy Tea-colored Brown Hair

honey brown hair color

It’s a golden brown shade that offers subtle iridescent tones and natural depth. You can never go wrong in the summer with these looks.

  • Dark Hair with Brown Accent

honey brown hair color

Gold highlights help to warm up the shade and add some flair to the hair. This shade is perfect for those who want to tap into their inner child! Lightened hair has been tousled into an effortlessly cool, tousled look and contrasted with gold highlights to lift your look and create an eye-opening style.



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