Alcohol Free Mousse: Best Styling Product for Your Hair

Hair mousse has become a vital hair styling product in today’s time. It helps the main texture and also adds volume to thin and fine hair. To be more precise, it is used for different purposes depending on your hair type. We will be discussing alcohol-free mousse in this article.

The mousse is a highly versatile foam that you can use to define and hold strands. Besides that, it is also used for taming unruly curls. By applying mousse, you can keep frizzy hair under control and make your curls bouncier.

Speaking of hair mousse, it contains many ingredients, and one of them is alcohol. For those unversed, alcohol isn’t precisely a hair-friendly ingredient. It can damage your hair and make it go dry, especially the ends.

For those who already have thin or damaged hair, using alcohol-based mousse can cause massive problems. This is why you should get alcohol-free mousse which is considered safer for hair.

What Is Alcohol-Free Mousse?

Generally, hair mousse contains alcohol. But alcohol-free mousse is a foam-based hair styling product without alcohol. It is used to either protect your hair or style it. Not just that, but it also acts as an excellent volumizing product for your hair.

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Hair mousse is one of the easy and fun-to-use hair styling products. The versatility of the product is what makes it a hairstylist favorite. The good thing about hair mousse is that it is lightweight and is applied to wet hair before styling.

A mousse can make your hair look three times more volumized. The trick is to use the right amount of mousse. Mousse also makes your hair look shinier and softer. Unlike other hair styling products, it doesn’t make your hair feel sticky at all. You can use it to keep your curls and curly hair in check.

Where to Buy Alcohol-Free Hair Mousse?

Alcohol-free mousse is best suited for people with damaged or curly hair. If you don’t want your hair to get further damaged, make sure you buy an alcohol-free mousse.

There are plenty of places where you can buy alcohol-free hair mousse. You can find the most extensive collection of alcohol-free mousse online. There are plenty of websites that offer high-quality products.

Besides online, you can buy alcohol-free mousse in Walmart, Target, shopping malls, or any offline shop that offers hair styling products.

When buying alcohol-free hair mousse, you will come across many brands. Since you will apply the product to your hair, make sure you go to a top brand like L’oreal, Morroccanoil, Tresemme, Schwarzkopf, etc.

If you are on a budget and still want the best hair mousse, we recommend getting L’oreal Everstyle Hair Mousse. It is a best-selling product and is perfect for styling your hair.

How to Use an Alcohol-Free Hair Mousse?

If you are using hair mousse for the first time, no worries, we have got your back. This section will tell you how to apply alcohol-free hair mousse to keep your fine, frizzy, and curly hair under control.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Shampoo your hair

The first thing you need to do is clean your hair thoroughly using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This will help clear off the dirt and impurities from your hair. Not just that, but it will also deeply nourish your hair and thus give you a perfect base to apply hair mousse.

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  • Dry your hair

Once you are done washing, use a clean towel to dry your hair. However, don’t dry it up completely. Your hair should be a little damp so that the hair mousse can be evenly spread.

  • Make sections

Now use a tail comb and make small sections of your damp hair.

  • Apply mousse

After having your hair in sections, take a small amount of hair mousse on your palm and apply it to your hair. Gently rub your hands to spread it. You should apply it with your fingers and make sure that you cover the entire length. You can use a wide-tooth comb to spread it evenly.

  • Use a blow dryer

Now you need to blow dry your hair. Take a round brush and hold a small section of hair while blow-drying. Make sure that you cover every area of hair.

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Once that is done, your hairstyle is ready.

How to Use Alcohol-Free Hair Mousse Based On Hair Type?

Everyone has a different hair type, and this determines how you should apply mousse to your hair.

  • Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, applying mousse won’t add any volume. Instead, it will help maintain the texture and structure of your hair. You need a dollop of mousse for straight hair and then set a proper form of your hair. It will make your hair look better.

  • Curly Hair

Only people with curly hair would understand the struggle of styling their hair. If your curls feel frizzy and dry, use a small amount of mousse to soften them. It will give you defined curls, just the way you like it.

  • Coarse Hair

People with coarse hair can find it challenging to manage their hair. Therefore, you will need a lot of mousses to control it. This will help soften your hair and manageable.

  • Fine Hair

If you have thin or fine hair and want to add volume to your hair, hair mousse could be the best solution. It can add twice the volume and make your hair look beautiful. But before you apply hair mousse, make sure that you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

  • Damaged Hair

If your hair is damaged, then you should avoid using any styling product. However, you can use a small amount of mousse to improve the texture.

Benefits of Using Alcohol-Free Hair Mousse

There are plenty of benefits of using alcohol-free hair mousse. If you are not sure about using mousse to style your hair, we will tell you why you should.

  • First off, alcohol-free hair mousse doesn’t have alcohol, which means it is safe for your hair. Unlike alcohol-based mousse, it cannot damage your hair.
  • Hair mousse also acts as a protective layer. It protects your hair from humidity and helps maintain the actual structure.
  • With the help of hair mousse, you can add twice the volume to your thin and fine hair. Not just that, but it also improves the appearance of your hair, making it thicker and fuller.
  • People with curly hair can use mousse to control frizziness. At the same time, it also gives them more defined curls.
  • By applying hair mousse before styling, you can protect your hair from heat damage caused while using heating tools.
  • Applying hair mousse can help improve your hair texture and structure.
  • Alcohol hair mousse is suitable for all hair types and textures.

Best Alcohol-Free Hair Mousse

Here is some of the best alcohol-free mousse that you can get for your hair:

  • L’Oreal Paris EverStyle Curl Activating Mousse

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The L’Oreal Paris EverStyle Curl Activating Mousse is one of the best-selling hair mousses in the market. It is made of no residue styling polymers that provide great hold for hairstyling. With the help of this product, you can shape your hair and boost your curls. Not just that, but it also makes your hair look shiny.

  • Biotera Alcohol-Free Styling Mousse

The Biotera Alcohol-free Styling Mousse is lightweight foam. It is made with high-quality ingredients to give you the best results. If you desire to get extra hair volume, then this is the best hair mousse for you. It doesn’t leave any flakes, residue, or stickiness.

  • Vigorol Mousse Curl Super Hold

The Vigorol Mousse Super Curl Hold is great for daily use. It has a rich, creamy texture containing argan oil. This formula helps to define your curls even better. Unlike other hair mousses, it doesn’t feel sticky at all. You can use it on brittle hair to make it healthy.

  • Scruples Creme Parfait Volumizing Foam

The Scruples Creme Parfait Volumizing Foam can give you natural-looking volume. It is a lightweight foam that gets easily absorbed in your hair. With this product, you can style your hair without weighing it down. Since this is an alcohol-free product, it doesn’t dry your hair out. Instead, it preserves the natural nutrients of your hair and makes it shiny and soft.


Alcohol hair mousse is one of the best hair styling products you can use. It is easy to apply and has plenty of benefits for your hair. The best thing about hair mousse is that you can use it on all hair textures. Using alcohol-free mousse prevents your hair from getting damaged. But make sure that you are buying the hair mousse from a reputable brand.

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